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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

October 2009

As usual, we have had a very busy October. The weather hasn't been as cooperative and we didn't get as much time outside as in previous years, but we still managed to get a lot done. We celebrated Maggie's, Ethan's, and Sean's birthdays with much fanfare. We celebrated Randi and Ricky's wedding with fancy dresses (and shoes, socks, and hair clips). We survived a week alone without Aleck. We dressed up for Halloween and had picked out pumpkins. But perhaps most exciting (for Aleck and Stacey, anyway), is that Robin started sleeping 9 to 10 hours a night. Stacey was incredibly grateful that Robin developed this new skill no later than the first night that Aleck was away.

Amanda continues to be a great big sister and is very loving toward Robin. She loves to hold her on her lap, but often asks at the most inopportune moments, like when Robin is screaming with hunger or about to go to sleep. However, Amanda has proven time and again that she is very understanding of this and patiently waits until it is her turn to hold the baby. In fashion news, Amanda now likes to match her outfits. Oh, yes, she sometimes insists that stripes match with stripes, regardless of color, but more often than not, she dresses in what might pass for monochromatic clothing. She'll pick out a blue shirt and blue pants. She has not yet figured out that the radically different shades of blue don't look right together, but to each his own, right?

Robin is showing real signs that she will be a thumb sucker. She has been a "sucker" since day 1 and absolutely loves the pacifier. It will usually calm her down in seconds. She spent all of this month frantically trying to find her thumb (and every once in a while, she got it!). Although she sleeps through the night, she often wakes up around 4 am frustrated because she's spit out the pacifier and can't retrieve it, nor can she navigate her thumb into her mouth. All it takes is one of us to go "plug her back in" and she's good for a few more hours (though sometimes it takes 45 minutes of plugging in ten minute intervals). Robin also really started smiling this month, but makes you work for it. She also flashes her grin so quickly that it's difficult to get a good picture. By the time the camera goes off, her smile is fading and she just looks like she's smirking. Robin also started using the Bumbo seat this month. She, like her sister before her, is a "vertical" baby-- she loves to be upright. In fact, when she's held up in a standing position, she actually starts to walk!

Robin is 2 Months Old!

Time for a photo shoot!



**Overheard this month**

"I will give Robin a big little hug."

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Dave!
We cyber-celebrated Grandpa Dave's birthday with him this year.


Amanda drew him a picture, which we mailed to him, and Robin sent her best wishes.

And, knowing Grandpa "WHAT? I'M NOT TALKING LOUDLY!" Dave, she also sent a version for the hearing impaired.

**Overheard this month**

"Ill do it in a few whiles."

We Get By With A Little Help From Grammy

Aleck went away on business for an entire week this month, leaving Stacey alone with both kids. Mornings were hectic, but manageable. Amanda not only got to school on time each morning, but Stacey even managed to shower before leaving the house daily. The most impressive person in the house all week, however, was Amanda. She was so patient and good, waiting for Stacey to finish dealing with Robin before attending to her. She was a huge helper all week long. We also got a boost from both Jen and Grammy coming over for dinner one night. Amanda got a hassle-free bath that night and Stacey was grateful for Grammy's extra hands while getting Amanda off to school and bathing Robin the next morning.


**Overheard this month**


You Can Have An Autograph Once She Learns to Write

Amanda loves the "rock star" sunglasses she got at Maggie's birthday party.
She had a choice of a Hello Kitty goodie bag or a Spiderman one. Yes, she chose Spiderman.

**Overheard this month**

Im the coolest dancer.

Bowled Over

The rain foiled our plans to go to a pumpkin farm, so we went bowling instead.


This is how Amanda and Faren bowl...

and this is how Robin does it.

**Overheard this month**

 Said with a measure of pride: Im so fancy and lazy.

Down Time at Home



**Overheard this month**

 Ill tell you if you need help.

Ethan had a Police Station and Fire House Birthday Party!

We took a tour of the police station (which the adults really enjoyed), got to check out a real police car (and hear the siren!), and got to climb in a real fire truck (which the kids really loved), and then had pizza and cake (which was thoroughly enjoyed by all). We also got an exciting visit from McGruff the Crime Dog to hand out goodie bags.


Ethan's dad Dwayne is a police officer (who got all dressed up for the party).

**Overheard this month**

 This soap smells like pink.


Amanda sits in a roll call chair at the police station; Amanda, Adam and Lexi make use of the couches while waiting for the tour to begin.

This is Amanda in the back of a police car. We are hoping this picture doesn't come back to haunt us one day.

**Overheard this month**

Walking out the door to school: Lets rock and roll.

Fire Truck!


Of course, given her recent obsession with being a fire fighter, Amanda was thrilled at the prospect of driving a fire truck.




Amanda, Mayah, and Carly pose on the back of the truck; McGruff gets mobbed.

**Overheard this month**

Seeing some children cry when Mcgruff came in, Amanda asked, "Is he here to scare us?"

This is how Robin parties

She slept soundly through the whole thing. Even when she was 4 feet from the police car's siren.

**Overheard this month: Grammarian**

 Is this the muchest it can go? Stacey corrects, 'Is this the most?' Amanda replies Is this the mostest?

 This is the most beautifulest.

Amanda is Puzzled

Amanda sits among all of the puzzles she had just completed, including a map of the United States

**Overheard this month**

After Amanda spun around and said she was doing ballet: Who taught you ballet? I saw it on Chicken Boo.

A visit to the pumpkin patch yielded a small family of pumpkins loosely correlated to our family.
Aleck and Stacey share the big one, Amanda gets the mid-size one, and Robin gets the baby pumpkin.
Robin fell asleep on the way there and stayed that way the entire time. We decided to prop her up for pictures.
Aleck suggested naming these pictures "Weekend at Bernie's."

**Overheard this month**

 If you want to eat a torah, make sure you make it out of food.

Back at home, Amanda took charge of decorating all of the pumpkins for the whole family.
She shows Robin her decorated pumpkin for approval.

Bundled up and ready to go find pumpkins (and awake... for the moment).

Later in the month, while wearing Halloween garb, the girls posed with the pumpkins
(and Robin did a great impression of Ron with her posture, her bald head, and her pants up to her armpits).


Something funny?

Click on either picture to see a video of Robin smiling (video is 5 seconds).


**Overheard this month**

After learning some sign language at school: If you dont have a mouth, you can talk with your hands.

Nap Time

Robin hasn't yet found the pleasure of taking naps in her crib. She usually just falls asleep wherever she happens to be, mostly in the bouncy seat with her pacifier and her giraffe.

**Overheard this month**


  "I love you, Amanda."


  "And do you know what? I love Robin and Mommy... and
  Daddy. A little bit."

Preschool Fun

During the holiday of Sukkot, the whole school got to eat lunch outside in the temple's sukkah

Amanda's class took a nature walk, collected some things, and then examined them back in the classroom.



During Fire Safety Week, they learned how to crawl when there's smoke and feel a door for heat. They also made Dalmatians.


Here are some pictures of Amanda playing during some down time
(and making sure everything is always in its place. Where does she get that from?)


Her class also made pumpkin costumes and then arranged themselves into a pumpkin patch.


BFC Baby

Robin got a shamelessly self-promoting gift from Stacey's office, Bread for the City.


Have a Seat

The purple seat that Robin is in is called a Bumbo seat. It's designed for babies who can hold up their heads but can't yet sit on their own. We purchased this one for Amanda and after about 2 weeks, she wouldn't sit in it any more and hated it. After paying full price for it, we decided to get our money's worth and pass it around to friends for their use. By our count, Robin is at least the 7th child to use it after Amanda, Jack, Hannah, Maggie, Ricky, and Sean. Did we forget anyone?

Amanda decided that if Robin was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, she could, too.

Happy First Birthday, Sean!

Sean's birthday party was on Halloween. Costumes were encouraged!

Merrie and Chris threw a grand bash in Sean's honor. He had a great time, as did all of his guests.


Firefighter Amanda was on hand in case anything went awry with the grill or the birthday candle.

**Overheard this month**

Amanda:   "Daddy, what will you be for Halloween?"
Aleck:   "An old man."
Amanda:   "What about you, Mommy?"

"Ill be a Mommy."

Amanda (excitedly):   "How about you can be an old lady?"

After Sean was done wearing his costume, everyone else at the party was given a turn!

Robin and Stacey shared a turn- Robin was in the carrier. You can see her pumpkin hat (which is actually a hand-me-down from Sean!)


HOT HOT HOT! Halloween on Fire!

Amanda woke up Halloween morning and immediately got dressed in her costume. She came into our room and said, "Is it time to go Trick or Treating?" She was told no, not until after dinner. "Is it time for dinner?" No, we should probably have breakfast first.

Click here to see a video of Amanda in action (video is 54 seconds).
Amanda models her home made fire hose, which encompasses the extent of Stacey's creativity.
Robin was sans costume this year but did have a festive outfit.
And for those of you keeping track on the second child neglect-o-meter, Amanda didn't have a costume for her first Halloween, either.
Time to go to get some CANDY!
After about 6 houses, Amanda asked, "Are we done yet?"
Here's the gang all ready to go: Elijah the Astronaut, Spiderman Jack, Amanda the Firefighter, Maggie the Bunny, Dinosaur Andy, and filling up the Bumbo seat, Robin.

See all of these pictures and more at our photo gallery

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