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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

October 2010

 We've had an incredibly busy month. We took a road trip to visit Elijah and Maggie in North Carolina for a weekend, visited our local fire station, had several playdates with Casey, went to the annual Fall Festival, and of course, celebrated Halloween.

Robin is turning into a toddler more and more each day. She's up to 7 teeth now and uses them often. However, after a traumatizing incident involving some of her hair being caught in the snap closure of a bib one night, she refuses to wear bibs anymore. She is absorbing new knowledge daily and often surprises us with things that she knows. She is learning body parts, but has also learned how predictable her parents are. We knew that she could point to her nose and ears, so we kept asking for those. In the same order. So eventually, regardless of what we asked for, she would point to her nose and then her ears. Her vocabulary continues to grow, as well. She still says "Uh-oh" (though it comes out sounding more like "Uh-oooo") and now also says "Up" and "Down." She's still figuring out the meanings of them, though, and will sometimes reverse them, standing at your feet with her arms outstretched screaming "Down! Down!" Her favorite word though, hands down, is "Guk." It's her equivalent of the word "Smurf" for those little blue people. "Guk" is Robin-speak for cup, sock, book, duck, and truck (among others we have yet to determine). As the month wore on, we were able to distinguish subtle differences in her Guks, such as "Gock" for sock and "Gook" for book. She also expanded into 2 syllable territory with "Gracker" (cracker) and "Ga-gurt" (for yogurt-- and has been generalized to anything served in a bowl with a spoon). Her other new pastimes are dancing to the ABCs and waving "hi" to everyone-- even to her own shadow on the kitchen floor.

Amanda is still her happy, creative, silly self. She loves nothing more than to sit at her arts and crafts table coloring, gluing, and creating "projects." She is having a great year at school despite not being in the same class as Casey. Luckily, the two classes of 4 year olds collaborate on many projects and also go to the playground at the same time. Amanda has yet to complain about not seeing Casey enough. The preschool hosted all of the parents one evening for a "Back to School Night" where we went into Amanda's classroom and did a group activity with her teachers. Upon entering the room, the parents first played a game of "Who am I?" The teachers had placed a short description of a child at each chair. It was our job to walk around, read them and try to figure out which one was made for our child. We read Amanda's and immediately knew that this was the right one. It said: "I am an intelligent and personable young person. I am a take charge kind of person and not afraid to show it. I have a real sense of family and am an artist at heart. I can spend all day drawing and talking and never get bored. I will grow up one day and be a force to be reckoned with in the court room. I will be a lawyer but the judge will ask me for advice." We often say that she will be a lawyer one day; she is nothing if not a negotiator.

Weekend with Elijah and Maggie!

Our friends were gracious enough to host us for a weekend at their new home in North Carolina (or "North Caroline" as Amanda says). It's only been 3 months since we have seen them, but the kids have changed so much. We were lucky enough to be there the weekend of Maggie's 3rd birthday and got to celebrate it with her! Elijah began his love affair with Baby Robin and was by her side for most of the visit. Unfortunately, Nathan was away over the weekend, so we didn't get to see him, but we got some quality time with Tonya.






Visit to the Aquarium



Attempting to touch a sting ray.




Elijah and Robin, his most willing and enthusiastic audience.

Happy Birthday, Maggie!


There's classy Maggie. Always a lady.


Goodbye Already?


We were so sad to have to say goodbye. But, perhaps more distressing was that we missed the annual Mullet Festival by one week!

Casey's Birthday Celebration!

Amanda was out of town the weekend of Casey's 5th birthday party. The girls were so sad about this that Casey's family invited us over one night to recreate all of the aspects of Casey's butterfly party!


First, the girls played "Pin the Butterfly on the Flower"

Then they played Elefun, the game where they catch flying butterflies in their nets.


Next, they got wrapped up in cocoons and then... broke free! Click Here for a VIDEO of the newly hatched butterflies (29 seconds).


Lastly, they completed a butterfly wand craft. It was so much fun!

Open House at the Fire Station



Amanda got to use the real fire hose to "shoot out the fire" in the burning building.

Not sure if Robin is ready for this. She doesn't seem so sure, either.


**Overheard this month**

Amanda:   "Mommy, I think I know what youíre thinking."
Stacey:   "What?"
Amanda:   "About how much you love me."

More Casey!

At Tot Shabbat, the children learned the story of Noah's Ark and then got to don animal masks to act out the story.
Check out those two cute bunnies!

School Is In Full Swing!

Amanda's class is learning about all different countries and each child will make a flag of a country. Amanda made the Chinese flag (or "The China flag," as she says) with a Jewish star in the corner. That must be a first!

Popsicles for Kieran's birthday (he's sitting next to Amanda).

Making Apple Pie
The two 4 year old classes got together to bake (that means even more Casey!)
Pumpkin Picking With School
Amanda hauls a pumpkin and poses with Isabella.
Back in the classroom, Amanda and Sophie (and the rest of the class) paint their pumpkins.
Pumpkin Patch!
Fall Festival
This annual festival was rained out last year, so we were doubly excited to go this year. There was a moonbounce, face painting, pumpkin painting, pony rides, an obstacle course and scarecrow making.
Moonbounce with Carly and Faren
Artists at Work
Faren, Lexi and Carly (l-r)
Amanda and Adam
Ethan grabs his gourd; Robin is not sure what she's supposed to be doing with it.
Face Painting
Pony Ride
Click Here for a VIDEO of Amanda riding the pony (14 seconds).
Scarecrow Time!
Adam and (Big) Amanda; Donna and Faren
Obstacle Course
Our New Friend Scarecrow
Amanda is of the belief that this scarecrow will help protect the food in our pantry, similar to how they protect farmers' crops.
Robin is a little skeptical of the whole thing.
MORE Casey!!
Casey's mom Debbie works for the Patent & Trade Office and took Amanda to their annual National Trademark Expo.
If they've done their job right, I shouldn't have to caption any of these photos.

**Overheard this month**

After meeting Betty Boop, Aleck mentioned that she is all black and white like a vampire.


"Do you think she can hang upside down like a vampire?"


"Nah, not in those shoes."
Sister Fun!
Robin got to try out the Bob the Builder ride for the first time!
Grocery Shopping
Robin also started riding in the racecar carts at the grocery store. They have so much fun in there together!
Snack Time at Dunkin' Donuts
Amanda and Robin model their new shirts from Stacey's office, Bread for the City. Their shirts say "Breadcrumbs."
Air & Scare!
We went to the National Air & Space Museum's Halloween costume party with Amanda's friend Sophie.
There was candy and crafts and...
Star Wars stuff!
Ok, there really was Star Wars stuff.
You Should See The Other Guy.
"The Other Guy" being the sidewalk.
Amanda the skater chick.

**Overheard this month**

"Iím going to stand on my stool so I can see whatís up."

Robin's First "Ponytail"
Courtesy of the ladies at day care. Click Here for a VIDEO of Robin checking out her hair and playing with her bouncy zebra (16 seconds).
Happy 2nd Birthday, Sean!
Sean's party was the day before Halloween and was a costume party. Sean was a very cute lobster. Robin was a ladybug (in a familiar costume) and Amanda was a "Winter Fairy." She wanted to be Tinkerbell, but costume makers don't realize that it's cold on Halloween and little girls should not be outside wearing short, sleeveless dresses. So Amanda, being the agreeable girl she is, got excited to be a Winter Fairy, who gets to wear long sleeves and pants under her dress, along with the requisite wings and magic wand. (Of course, she decided not to wear the wings or carry the wand once we got to the party, so pictures of her are just pictures of a girl in a dress.)
Birthday Cupcakes!
We've got our Halloween shirts.
We've got the scarecrow set up and decorations on the door.
Pumpkin is prepped.
Click Here for a VIDEO of Amanda scooping out the pumpkin's "brains" (49 seconds).
We've got costumes.
Now where's the CANDY?

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