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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

November 2010

 Compared to last month, there seems to be a shortage of pictures for November. The clocks turned back and weather turned colder, so there were fewer days outside. Amanda also became obsessed with the Wiggles and chooses to watch them on TV whenever she is given the option. She is still the Loophole Queen, as we like to think of her. We have to be very careful how we word things, because she will find a way to get what she wants. For example, if she asks for a cookie, she might be told that she may have one after dinner. She may very well point out that she had dinner yesterday, and is therefore entitled to a cookie now, as it was not specified WHEN she had to have dinner in order to be awarded a cookie. The other one that always gets us is this: Stacey often says, "If I see you doing that again...." Amanda takes this to mean that as long as she is not observed performing the forbidden act, then it is OK to do it. She will often say to Stacey, "Mommy, don't look over here until I say so, ok?" In more positive news, she is participating in some pre-reading activities, and likes to try to sound out words. She is getting much better at writing her letters, as well, and has begun learning lowercase letters, too.

Robin is rapidly becoming a real person and, we are learning, understands everything we say. Not that she chooses to listen to any of it, but still.... She likes to color with crayons and we have been reminding her over and over that crayons are only to be used on paper. When we find her wandering with a crayon and tell her to put it on paper, she immediately goes to her little table to color on paper. One day this month, she had taken a magnet from the refrigerator and was coloring on it. Stacey told her that crayons are to be used on paper. Robin picked up the magnet, put it on the paper, and resumed coloring the magnet. Can't really argue with that. She gets more and more like her sister every day. Speaking of which, she is also taking fashion cues from her sister (for better or worse). She now gets the privilege of picking out her own socks each morning, meaning that she often wears two different socks. In fact, she routinely picks out 3 pairs at a time and is a little miffed when she only gets to wear 2 socks. Her recent behavior is also an indication that she will like to play dress-up as she gets older, as well. She loves to wear Amanda's bracelets on her wrists (and ankles), and also likes to take Amanda's headbands and use them as necklaces (though she has to walk around with her head bent to her shoulder to prevent it from falling off, as there is a large opening). She is stalled at 7 teeth still, but uses them often. One morning, she was a bit impatient while waiting for Stacey to prepare her breakfast and decided to climb up into her highchair by herself.

While Robin is not really talking yet, she is starting to say some words here and there (Click Here for a VIDEO of Robin talking). She did, however, start making a lot of different sounds this month. Aleck thinks she sounds like the Hamburglar ("Flurgesburlg." "Galuckaluckaluck"). And she says these things with such purpose and looks at you as though you should be understanding and reacting to it. We can't wait until she can talk and we can find out what's going on inside her little head. She has begun repeating some words when asked to. We love that when she is asked to repeat the phrase, "I love you," she blows a kiss instead. She is learning more and more each day, though. She can now identify on her body (and yours) her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, belly, toes, and feet. When she points to her nose, though, she tends to stick her finger right up her nostril. And then she reaches for yours. Delightful.

What a Skirt! What a Dresser!


Oh yes, this is how Amanda goes to school on a regular basis. In public. Layer upon layer of fashion.

**Overheard this month**

Picking out a box of Band-Aids: "I rather prefer these ones"

Look What We're Learning!


Amanda's class went on a dinosaur hunt through the school and they found footprints, eggs, and dinosaurs.


And of course there is always dress up.

**Overheard this month**

"Know what purple and red make? Purple-reddish."

She Doesn't Crawl Anymore, But She Still Looks Like A Bug

The ladies at daycare have a lot of fun with Robin's hair, sending her home one day with antennae.

**Overheard this month: Top Score on Second Child Neglect-O-Meter**

Stacey:  "  Robin, can you say 'Shoe?'"
Robin:    "Shhhh!"
Stacey:    "Robin, can you say 'Truck?'"
Robin:    "Guck!"
Stacey:    "Robin, can you say 'Robin?'"
Robin:    "Ah-Dah!" (Amanda)

Rainbow Brite

Amanda shows off her mad rainbow coloring skills.

**Overheard this month**

Amanda was coloring a picture and making up a story about the guy she was coloring:

Amanda:    "He needs to get ready for the show. Heís a rock and roller. Heís a little roller."
Stacey:    "Is he a little bit country?"
Amanda:  "  Yeah, heís from Australia."


Robin is happy to pose for a picture, until that all-important call comes through.

Playful Sisters: Click Here for a VIDEO of Robin and Amanda playing on the slide.

Hanging with Grammy

Aleck was out of town for work for a week, so Grammy came to help out and play!


**Overheard this month: Misguided Hyperbolic Statements**

"Itís the goodest!"

"This is the most tastiest!"

Happy Daddy pulling double duty with his girls.

Tot Shabbat



Music Makers! Amanda uses the shaker eggs; Robin takes her cues from Amanda, as always.

**Overheard this month**

Said on a Tuesday: "Itís so close to being close to the weekend!"

Christmas Dog!

Robin is obsessed with this animated dog that sings a Christmas version of "Shout." She demands that it be played over and over again. By the end of the month she was able to turn it on by herself. Good news/Bad news.

Click the picture below for a VIDEO of Robin appropriately freaking out to Christmas Dog.

Time to Give Thanks!

We were very thankful this year to be surrounded by good friends and great food on Thanksgiving. We hosted the Lees (Marie, Jee Hang, Hannah and Nat) and Jen and Naz for dinner. The Collins family (Barb, Chris, Katie and Cameron) were scheduled to come, as well, but Barb had a health scare and they couldn't make it. We are thankful to report that she is doing well, though.

Below are some other things for which we are thankful:

Thanks for spiffy aprons to protect our clothes while we make pumpkin pie.


Thanks for a huge box of crayons for Nat and Robin to use (and for Robin to try to eat).

**Overheard this month**

Amanda said that in addition to red, yellow and green, there is also a blue traffic light.

"When itís blue, that means thereís a rainbow ahead."

Thanks for Jen being willing to pluck the carcass. And thanks just for Jen being Jen, too!


Thanks for pillows and blankets to serve as a moonbounce for Amanda and Hannah.

**Overheard this month**

"This is as fun as a whistle!"


And thanks for Oreo Dirt Cups and cold milk to wash it down.

**Overheard this month**

(Excitedly) "Mommy, itís really coolóIím kidding youóitís so fun!"

Repurposing Robin


On the left is Robin using a headband as a necklace and on the right, she's using two unidentified objects as phones.

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