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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

December 2009

Jolly Chrismukkah, everyone!

This month was full of fun, snow, travel, and new developments for both Amanda and Robin. We celebrated Hanukkah at home and then, later in the month, went to California for the annual Johnson Family Christmas.

Amanda continues to amaze up with her generosity, caring, and loving ways toward Robin. She loves her baby sister and is always so excited to spend time with her. One of her favorite things is to tell us what Robin might be thinking at any given moment. Amanda is also very imaginative. She will often play with dolls and have "conversations" with them. It's hard not to laugh when she is upset because her doll is not listening to her. In school, she is soaking up information like a little sponge. She is doing exceptionally well with her pre-reading skills and can read and spell some 2 and 3 letter words. In math, she can add any two numbers provided the total does not exceed 10. Physically, she is growing taller (all of her pants are now high waters) and is becoming much more coordinated. She prides herself on her ability to balance and hop on one foot, and to twirl on one foot. She also talked a lot this month about ballet and how she wants to be a "ballet girl." We decided to sign her up for ballet class at preschool starting next month. Needless to say, she is very excited and spends her evenings hopping around the kitchen informing us that she is performing ballet moves.

Robin is also growing so fast and hitting milestones one right after the other. This month she rolled over and began sitting unassisted all within a 4 day span. And, like her sister before her, she outgrew the Bumbo seat far before we would have gotten our money's worth. If she is in it now, she just tries to twist around and eat it. Speaking of which, she constantly drools and chews on things. Aleck says, "Maybe she's teething." Stacey says, "I've heard that before." (As you may remember, we thought Amanda was teething from the time she was 4 months old but she didn't cut a tooth until she was more than 11 months.) Robin's other new trick is blowing raspberries. Her shirt is constantly soaking wet from all of the spit she forces out. It's very becoming. She also really loves the exersaucer and is getting into playing with the toys. And she likes to watch Amanda play with the toys on it, as well. But that's another story. And, from the "It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better" department: we broke her of using the pacifier overnight. She can still have it for naps, in the car, and when we're in public (because Mommy doesn't have THAT much patience). But she no longer wakes up at 3 am crying because it's not in her mouth, and we no longer wake up at 3 am to plug her back in.

One evening, all four of us were sitting on the couch together. Stacey said (to Robin), "OK, Stinkeratti, let's get ready for bed." Amanda looked up and said, "Which one?" And then she added, "How about Robin can be the Little Stinkeratti and I can be the Big Stinkeratti. And Daddy can be the Humongous Stinkeratti." Aleck said, "But what about Mommy?" Amanda answered, "I know! Mommy, you can be the Medium-Sized Stinkeratti!"



Robin is 4 Months Old!

Time for a photo shoot!


After we lost our friend Bouncy Seat last month, we were fortunate enough to procure another one.
We're not sure Robin even noticed that it was a different seat. So much for loyalty.

**Overheard this month**

Amanda's new phrase is "Robin's like..."  She begins all of her sentences this way.
"Robin's like, where's my big sister?"
"Robin's like, I think I want to spit up now."

Happy Hanukkah!


Unable to find a shirt that said "My First Hanukkah" (the one we saved from Amanda had gotten stained), Stacey decided to get crafty and make a shirt with iron on letters. By the end of the day, the shirt read "  Y   IRST HANUKKAH." Job well done, Stacey.

Celebrating with Cousins

Check out these gorgeous girls!


Amanda loves visiting her cousins and playing with all of their cool toys.


On the first night of Hanukkah, Amanda got a new book, Robin got a cat/dog animal (that Amanda so helpfully opened for her),
and Aleck got a horse that neighs when you push a button (courtesy of Amanda and the Target $1 spot).



On the next night: Another book for Amanda and a toy for Robin!



On Night 4, we were joined by Elijah and Maggie!



Amanda got a Snuggie from Grammy! How exciting!

**Overheard this month**

To her teacher: Guess what were doing for Hanukkah? Were going to California for Christmas!

On the next night, Amanda and Robin exchange gifts. Amanda got an aquarium lamp and Robin got a "lion toy."



During Hanukkah, we went to visit Aunt Sheila, who also had a present for Amanda-- a Raggedy Ann doll!
At home that night, Amanda got a new Fancy Nancy book and Robin got another toy!




**Overheard this month**

The teacher at school asked, "What else starts with 'C' for Chanukah?" Amanda's answer: "Christmas!"

She Ain't No Challah Back Girl


Amanda chose to be the challah helper at the Hanukkah Tot Shabbat celebration.
And she chose to wear a lime green hat with a purple flower. For about 3 days straight.

Mayah's Fairy Birthday Party


The girls got fairy wings, played pin the star on the wand, and then they got to make their own magic wands!

**Overheard this month**

Im a real good knower.

Let's Play!




Amanda shows off her new bear magnets and all of their outfits. She also is proud of the "art gallery" she has created on the front door.



Robin has fallen in love with the Exersaucer and is becoming much more interested in toys lately.


Preschool Pictures

Amanda's class learned about the 5 senses this month


**Overheard this month**

Stacey:    "You learned about the 5 senses today?"
Amanda:    "Yeah. I have 6."
Stacey:    "You have a 6th sense?"
Amanda:    "Yeah, it's about airplanes."

Hanukkah at School!

Amanda made a dreidel person and did some dreidel art.

Lots Of Latkes

Amanda's class got to make-- and eat-- latkes



Amanda and her best friend Casey enjoy their snack.

Playtime (and Dress Up) at School


Hooray for Grandpa Dave and Aunt Lois!

They came up for a visit all the way from Florida. Unfortunately for them, it happened to be winter up here. What a cold shock!


Grandpa Dave captured some of Amanda's finer moments, including having cream cheese smeared across her face and
dressing as a beautiful princess at the restaurant.


**Overheard this month**

Ill help stir the brownies. And Robin can do all the squirming we need.

What Beautiful Girls!


Katie's "4" Party at Chuck E. Cheese!

Amanda and Casey have fun driving the monster truck.

**Overheard this month**

It doesnt matter what people look like... or if they can write Ms. Ms are hard.

Winter is Upon Us... And Robin Is Swallowed Up By It


She was bundled up so much in that snowsuit that it took 20 minutes before we realized that she had fallen asleep in it in Stacey's arms.

Hey, It's Snowing! ... It's Still Snowing. ... OK, I Think We Have Enough Now.

Yes, we got about 2 feet of snow in one day and then were trapped in our house for 3 days. Our neighbor with a snow blower was incredibly helpful in clearing all of the sidewalks, but the city didn't plow our street for days. The snow fell on Saturday; our street was finally cleared about 30 minutes before we were to leave the for airport to go to California on Monday. What drama!


Amanda had a lot of fun playing in the snow. We tried going out to play on Saturday, but quickly learned that while Amanda enjoys playing in the snow, she does not at all appreciate being outside while it is snowing.



Christmas in California with Cousins! (And aunts, uncles, and grandparents, too!)

Matty and Amanda were so excited to see each other again, and he was equally excited to meet his new cousin.

**Overheard this month**

Look at all those pom-pom trees!

Matty and Amanda waste no time in going to play at the playground




Matty and Amanda got a snack of popcorn, and then shared a hug.

Christmas Morning- Time for Presents!!

Unfortunately for these kids, they had to wait a bit first.


Aunt Stef plays hide and seek with Amanda and Matty while they wait patiently for the time to open gifts.


Amanda got a lot of great gifts, but the one with the most staying power is the pink tutu that came with a pair of ballerina pajamas,
as you will see in the pictures.




Amanda gives Aunt Stef a hug to thank her for the pajamas with a tutu.


Amanda shows off the new clothes she got; Aleck opens a new shirt.

Amanda the Giver

Amanda was so excited to get gifts for everyone. She relished the opportunity to hand them out and watch her family open them.
Big Spender Amanda did her shopping at the Target dollar spot. She spared no expense.


Opa got a magnifying glass; Oma got a "Hello Kitty List"; and Aunt Cami got a sparkly bracelet.


Aunt Stef got Mountain Dew flavored lip balm and Uncle Pieter got a jump rope with frogs on it.
Uncle Menko got a race car, but we didn't get a picture of him opening it.

Robin's First Christmas


She loves her new ball!

Too Much Tutu?


(l-r) Amanda and her tutu on December 25, 26, and 27th.

Once we got home, it was paired with fairy wings and a tiara to complete the look. (This is from January 1.)

**Overheard this month**

Im really beautiful when people come over. Is someone coming over tonight?

Traveling Agrees with Robin

While waiting for our flight at the airport, Robin rolled over for the first time (from her changing pad onto the nasty floor at Dulles airport). Then just a few days later, she started to sit.


On December 25, she could sit using her hands. The very next day, she was sitting upright!

Opa and his Girls


Exploring New Gifts and Getting Some Love

Matty introduces Amanda to the joys of Star Wars with his new book.


Aunt Stef relishes in her nieces and loves having little girls upon whom to shower pink gifts; Uncle Piet helps Matty build with Legos

Three Cousins On A Couch!


Visit to the LA Zoo



A Who's Who Of The Johnson Family

One of these is a picture of Robin and the other is Amanda. So... who's who?


The answer will be revealed on next month's page.

See all of these pictures and more at our photo gallery

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