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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

April 2011

Amanda had a big month with her first sleepover at Grammy's house. She had the best time of all, and came home believing that there are no rules at Grammy's house. Robin's vocabulary is blossoming, though we can't quite understand much of it. The few words we have figured out don't seem to make much sense. Robin calls her sister "Girl" on a consistent basis. Stacey will call out, "Amanda, let's go" and Robin will repeat, "Girl, let's go!" She also is very much into Dora the Explorer and talks about "D-D-Dora" and Boots a lot.

Amanda continues to progress in her reading and writing skills. She brought home a drawing from school this month on which she wrote "I love the sun Mommy and Daddy." She clarified for us that the statement was not that she loved Mommy, Daddy, and the sun; but rather, to TELL Mommy and Daddy that she loved the sun. Heartwarming.

We celebrated Passover this month with family and also with a Tot Seder. We also had a tiny taste of Spring and spent a few days playing outside. Amanda had fun at school and also got a lot of use out of her shirt with rainbow sleeves.


**Overheard this month: Robin**

After Stacey coughs or sneezes: "Mommy? OK? OK, Mommy?"

Hot Dog!

After many many months of shagginess, Luna finally gets a smooth new haircut. Just in time for summer!

**Overheard this month: Amanda**

"I know the recipe (instructions) for building this."

She's ahead of her time... by about 15 years

[Editor's note: the top is down.  :) ]
**Overheard this month: Robin**
After babbling and making herself laugh over something:
Stacey:    "Robin, what goes through your little head?"
Robin, pointing to her head:     "Barrette!"
We celebrated at the temple's Tot Seder and Amanda made Matzah with the Matzah Man at school.

Robin was not in a good mood and was not very cooperative when it came time to take pictures.

Amanda made herself a frog hat again this year and also was a vision in rainbow, pairing her summer-striped tank top dress with a rainbow striped sleeved shirt. How can you go wrong matching rainbow stripes with rainbow stripes?

Click Here to see Amanda the Frog in all of her jumping glory (video is 7 seconds).

**Overheard this month: Amanda**

"Mommy, let's play 'family.' You be the mom and I'll be the kid."


**Overheard this month: Amanda**

Eating apples and cinnamon oatmeal: "Itís charoses flavor!"

[Editor's Note: for those who aren't "in the know," charoses/charoset is an apple and cinnamon dish served at Passover.  It's also one of the few dishes at Passover that's objectively pretty damn good.]


Amanda and her classmates made their own matzah!

**Overheard this month: Robin**

After examining a leaf on the ground, "Letís go. Vamanos!"

Daddy's Girls Through and Through


**Overheard this month: Amanda**

"Give all your love away, and donít even worry. Youíll get even more."

**Overheard this month: Robin- Vocabulary Primer**

When Robin Says: She Really Means:
"Daddy" "Doggie
"Mana" "Luna"
"Girl" "Amanda"

**Overheard this month: Amanda**

In response to Robin calling her by something other than her own name:
"If she called me a name, like something with 'head' or 'pants' in it, I would be sad."

"I don't need rest time. I'm not tired!"

Here is Amanda passed out approximately 6 minutes after she uttered the statement above.


The Swing Is Back In Action!




  **Overheard this month: Amanda**

Amanda:    "My teacher thinks Iím the smartest kid in the class."
  Stacey:    "Did she tell you that?"
  Amanda:    "No, but I think she does."

[Editor's note: at least we don't need to worry about self-esteem issues!]


Artsy, Crafty, and Arts & Crafty




**Overheard this month: Robin**

  Robin:   "Open now."
  Stacey:   "Say 'please.'"
  Robin:   "Please"

Preschool: Fun and Fashionable!


**Overheard this month: Amanda**

After several viewings of The Princess and the Frog, in which a character minces vegetables, Stacey asked Amanda how she wanted the bell peppers cut for her lunch. Amanda's answer: "Mince it."


Left: Notice Amanda wearing her matzah hat... and a cape. Right: Rainbow matched with rainbow.

[Editor's note: Perhaps we will need to put self-esteem issues back on the list.]


The Almost-Good-Pictures


**Overheard this month: Robin- By The Numbers**

Counting 4 objects: "1-2-1-2!"
Counting from 1-10: "...8-9-10yay!"

See all of these pictures and more at our photo gallery

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