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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

June 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Amanda!

As with every June for the past 5 years, the month consisted of a countdown to the Big Birthday (though Robin insisted time and again that it was really Dora's birthday). We also had a lot of preschool activities including an end of the year picnic, show, and graduation! The girls also started summer camp at the JCC. This marked a big change for Robin, who transitioned from her day care to the new camp (where she will remain for preschool). This summer will also be the only time that our children are in the same school/child care facility until Robin starts Kindergarten. We will enjoy every moment of having a single drop off and pick up point.

Robin made an almost seamless transition to her new school. Having Amanda there helped immensely, we believe. Sadly, Robin woke up with a fever for day 2 of camp (which also happened to be Amanda's birthday). While Stacey was convinced it was the same-old same-old virus that will clear up as soon as we get to the doctor's office, we took her to the doctor anyway because of an impending trip to Ohio for July 4. Surprisingly, Robin was diagnosed with strep throat and walking pneumonia. Oh, and a bug bite on her belly was cultured and was found to be positive for a staph infection. Luckily, antibiotics worked their magic and she was all better in time for our trip. She finally made it back to camp after July 4th, better than ever. She also can juuuust about get her feet off the ground when jumping, but she does it with such enthusiasm. Click here for a video (video is 42 seconds).

Amanda is growing up very fast. She is truly a reader now, and has been reading The Adventures of Frog and Toad to Stacey and Aleck at all opportunities. Click Here for a video of her reading (video is 2:39). She also reads street signs, cereal boxes-- anything she has the time to stare at. It's incredible how quickly she is picking it all up. We also had Step-Up Day this month, during which rising Kindergarteners were invited to the school to see the classrooms and meet the teachers. Amanda loved this experience and, if possible, left even more excited for Kindergarten than she was before. Coincidentally, Step-Up day was the same day as preschool graduation, making this a very big day for Amanda.

Stacey had some unfortunate dental surgery and even an more unfortunate outcome: part of her bottom lip and chin were numb for weeks afterward. And we also confirmed that both kids inherited Aleck's tendency to talk in their sleep. Loudly.


**Overheard this month: Amanda**

On the day of Kindergarten Step-Up and also Preschool Graduation: "This is the best day of my whole life."

After spending some time in the Kindergarten classroom: "Mommy, I had so much fun, I forgot and thought I really was a Kindergartener."

National Donut Day

We couldn't pass up the offer of free donuts from Dunkin' Donuts.

**Overheard this month: Robin**

Requesting the song "Rockin' Robin": "I hear Rockin' Me?"

Tot Shabbat: It's All About the Torah


Amanda got the coveted Torah Helper card, meaning she got to carry the real Torah and lead the Torah Parade.

Robin was content to walk with her plush version.

**Overheard this month**

In the car one day, Amanda was playing with a bubble wand that she decided was her "light-saver."

Amanda:    "Don't touch it, Mommy, or you will DIE!"
Robin starts singing:    "Die-Die-Aynu"



End of the Year Preschool Picnic
We were excited to come to this new annual event at the preschool. The kids love the crafts, games, and especially the moonbounce!
**Overheard this month: Amanda**
"We all got the same amount of cookie. And I got more."
Big Girl Cup!


Robin is learning how to drink from a real cup. She is positively giddy about this, as you can see in this video (39 seconds).

The Lefty's Lament


**Overheard this month: Amanda**
Handing Robin a lollipop: "Robin, suck it!"

Look Who's Started Dressing Herself

Don't miss the socks, either!



**Overheard this month: Robin**

"I do self!"

"No. I said No!"

Picnic with the Chavurah

We got to see our friends, blow bubbles, eat S'Mores on a Stick and feed ducks!



**Overheard this month: Robin**
Upon being handed one of anything: "Another one?"

Preschool Graduation and End of the Year Show


Here is Amanda on her first day of preschool (Sept 2008) and on her last.

Amanda's class sang 3 songs. First were the girls singing a moving song about sisters. Next it was the boys' turn, where they played their cardboard guitars loudly while the girls sang backup. Lastly, there the entire class performed a "goodbye" song.
Click Here for a video montage of the performances (video is 2 minutes)
Then each graduate got called individually to cross the bridge to next year and receive their certificate.
**Overheard this month: Amanda**

"Because Iím a graduator, and thatís what graduators do!"

Then we celebrated!
Amanda poses with her 2 best friends, Sophie and Casey

Samantha and Emma came for the ceremony and took Amanda out to lunch afterward.




Robin is falling more and more in love with Dora. She recently discovered our Dora backpack. Heaven.

Click Here to hear Robin sing some Dora hits (25 seconds).

**Overheard this month: Amanda**

"How old is my sister now? Sheís more than 1 and a half. Is she like 4 and three quarters?"

Happy Father's Day!



Aleck was gifted with a handprint card from Robin, a hot pink tape dispenser from Amanda,

and a color nook from all of his girls (following a little coaching and not-so-subtle hints).

"Holy crap! Did I just turn back from the Hulk or something?"

Amanda's Birthday Party!

Click Here for the cinematic feature, "Amanda's 5th Birthday Party" (video is 2 minutes).


Both girls were very excited on the way to the party. Amanda chose to have her party at the same inflatable/bouncy place as last year.


(Well, that's mostly true. In reality, she wanted her party at Chuck E. Cheese, but Stacey would not allow that, as that place is very gross. So Stacey told Amanda that, sadly, Chuck E. Cheese was all booked the weekend of Amanda's birthday. She'll read this one day and hate us, but hopefully she'll have a good therapist.)


The slides are always a big hit! Amanda (left and right) and Robin (center) made good use of them.






Left to right: Stacey, Aleck and Karyn also tried them out. They were FAST!




The kids also had fun on the non-bouncy toys, including a rocking airplane and an indoor roller coaster


(Robin tries to go off-roading with the coaster car).


Cake Time!


Amanda got to sit in the Big Chair while we sang to her and also to blow out her candles.





We neglected to get a picture of the entire cake, but this is the cheapskate's way to a Hello Kitty cake.


Costco cake with balloons and Hello Kitty candies stuck on top. Voila!







Amanda and Sean share a goodbye hug.








Amanda got lots of great presents, including 4 different Zoobles sets. Robin also got a few things!


A Little Break


We needed a rest after that fantastic birthday party and before Amanda's actual birthday and the start of camp. We went for our annual birthday ice cream at Baskin' Robbins. Later on, Robin tested out her new backpack by taking it for a stroll in the neighborhood.


**Overheard this month: Robin**
Stacey:   "Say 'thank you.'"
Robin:   "You're welcome!"
First Day Of Camp!
This was Robin's very first day of camp at the JCC and she made a pretty smooth transition. Having her big sister there was a major factor, we think. Amanda was also excited to get back to her friends and the teachers she loves.
Robin was very excited to have a lunch bag for the first time; Aleck walks the girls in.
There was a post-first-day-of-camp celebration with Ring Pops.
Happy Birthday, Amanda!
We couldn't believe how much she has grown in the last year.
Amanda opened a few presents (Robin got some, too).
And then she opened her BIG present: A real guitar (she's been asking for one for about 6 months).
She immediately started playing (6 seconds) it and just as quickly stopped and said confusedly, "That's not the right tune!"
Birthday Dinner
Unfortunately, because Robin was sick, we couldn't go out to dinner as we had planned. But Amanda was equally excited to have pancakes, whipped cream, and sprinkles for dinner! And ice cream for dessert, of course (though perhaps candles in ice cream wasn't the best idea).
Click Here for a video of Amanda blowing out her candles (video is 16 seconds).
Watching the video later, Amanda revealed, "I wished I could be a fairy."
Hair She Is!
Each week, there is a dress up day at camp. The first one was Crazy Hair Day. Amanda opted for a multitude of ponies in her hair.
Robin was still sick on this day, and was not participating in crazy hair day, but independently decided to put 3 headbands in her hair.
I guess she wanted to be at camp in spirit.

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