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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

January, February, and March 2013

Well, time flies and so does our opportunity to take lots of pictures and make lots of updates to the webpage, so welcome to the new, quarterly updated version!

School marched on with both girls continuing to do well. Amanda continues to excel in her reading skills, but needs to work a little on reading comprehension as well as social skills. Robin seems to be in the complete opposite boat, with lots of friends but less inclination to sit down and concentrate on a task. Amanda is very focused; Robin is the goofball.


January was a rough month for us. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Luna, who was diagnosed with kidney disease several months before, but declined rather quickly over this month. During all of that, we also had to replace our boiler, which broke on New Year's Eve. The new one was defective, leaving us with intermittent heat for the entire month. To top it all off, the last week of January, which is when Luna died, was also the week that Robin was sick with a virus for the entire week. So, not a great start to the new year.
Despite that, we managed to have some indoor fun.

It was chilly in the house, but we warmed up with some hot chocolate (and marshmallows, of course).


Amanda: "We’re going to your room, Robin."

Robin:  "To Fairyland? I live in Fairyland."

We also had lots of friends who invited us over to get us out of our freezing house:


One night we went to a Havurah gathering, where we exchanged Hanukkah presents. Click Here for a video of the present madness.

We also went to Molly and Maddy's house one night for dinner (and the girls tried to parlay that into a sleepover. It didn't happen).

**Overheard: Robin**

"Why is 'puddle' a word?"

We went out for ice cream, too, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting warm, but at least there was heat in there.

She's Crafty

We made good use of some craft kits that the girls got for Hanukkah and made butterflies and a flower mirror



**Overheard: Amanda**

Looking at Stacey through a sun catcher painted blue: "You look blue. Not like sad, but like blue"

What (Not) To Wear

I wish we could chalk it up to intense layering for winter, but...


**Overheard: Amanda**

Amanda turned a box into a hat and on it wrote "Aganttha." What's Aganttha? "My zombie name."


Cooking with pajamas and wings. The only way to make it happen.

Singing Sensations

Amanda and Robin discovered You Tube this month, and eagerly watched all of the music videos that their parents agreed to let them see. Amanda became quite enamored with this teeny bopper hit (she was only allowed to watch the lyrics-only version, meaning she now knows every word). Click Here to see them groove to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful"

**Overheard: Robin**
"When I grow up, and am 4 years old..."

Tattoo Mania

This is what happens when you leave your children marginally supervised with a box of tattoos easily accessible.

**Overheard: Robin**

"I'm bored. What does 'bored' mean?"


We miss our puppy terribly but treasure the 10 years we got to be a part of her life.



February was cold. We spent lots of time inside and did not take many pictures. Those we did take had lots of static-cling hair going on.

Robin also became a singer this month and will provide you with some musical interludes as you scroll down.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Musical Interlude: Robin sings "Call Me, Maybe."

Getting Our Judaism On


We spent some time at the synagogue all dressed up for Purim (with Riley in a matching Cinderella dress) and dressed down in our pajamas for an evening Havdallah service (with Charlie and Elena)

Musical Interlude: Robin sings "Glad You Came"

Mini-Vacation to St. Thomas Sans Kids

Aleck and Stacey got away for a long weekend to St. Thomas where they met some of the locals (lizards) and did some zip-lining!



They came home to this:

Musical Interlude: Robin sings... something.


Though we welcomed Spring this month, it was still cold and gave us our first (and only) snowfall of the season. We also celebrated Aleck's birthday, Passover, had Spring Break, and Robin finished her ballet class at preschool.

"Snow" Day!
True to form around here, there was the threat of snow and so everything was shut down for the day across the region. In reality, we got some flurries, a tiny bit of accumulation on the grass, and lots of slush on the roads.

Click Here for a video showcasing the "snow." We're not sure that snow is supposed to audibly squish.


Krispy Kreme

We've stolen our friends' tradition of heading to Krispy Kreme once a month following Friday night family Shabbat services at synagogue. The synagogue used to serve cookies and treats after services, but has since changed the schedule, moving the treats to a later time. To better accommodate the kids (and our taste buds), we now head to the nearest "Hot Now" sign.

Mayah, Robin, Amanda, and Faren patiently await their donuts.

Robin's Ballet Recital

Graceful exuberance, thy name is Robin.

Click Here for a video highlighting her swift moves.


**Overheard: Robin**

"Why is Daddy dying to see me do a plié? Is he getting really old and sick?"

Welcome Spring!

We went to Rita's Ice for f-f-f-f-free ices on the f-f-f-first day of S-s-s-s-spring with Molly and Maddy.


We celebrated in the usual style, with frog hats. Amanda also was the one to find the afikomen, scoring a frog that poops candy as her prize. If she had only won bragging rights, Dayeinu (it would have been enough).


**Overheard: Amanda**

Conversation with Amanda about Passover:



Stacey: "Who was Moses's father?"
Amanda: "I don't know. I'll bet in the end it's Pharoah."
Stacey: "Um... it's not Star Wars."

Spring Break Rocks!

Amanda spent a day of her precious Spring Break at work with Stacey... and Stacey put her to work making folders.

Musical Interlude: Robin's Signature Move
In going through all of the videos of Robin singing and dancing, we noticed that there is one move she has perfected and calls on often.
The lunge/head toss (often accompanied by a sneer).

See all of these pictures and more at our photo gallery

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