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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

June 2010


Welcome to June, the month of "My birthday is coming! It's June! My birthday's in June! It's my birthday month!" This began on June 1 and continued all the way until the 28th. It was a long month. We packed it with lots of fun activities, though. We spent lots of time outside with our neighborhood friends. We went to Tot Shabbat, to see cousins, and Amanda went to her first movie in a theater. She enjoyed it despite not being able to pause it when she had to go potty.

School ended for the year this month (closely followed by the start of camp, of course). There were a few days between the end of school and the start of camp where there was no child care for Amanda. She got some special time with Grammy (they went to a pottery painting place and out to lunch) and with Mommy (they went to Stacey's work for the day) and with Daddy (they went to the movies with Amanda's friend Casey and her dad).

Robin got teeth #5 and 6 (4 on top, 2 on the bottom) this month, accompanied by a lot of drool. She also got jealous. A lot. When Robin was born, we were worried about Amanda being jealous of Stacey and Robin, and then breathed a sigh of relief when that didn't materialize. What we failed to anticipate, though, is how Robin would be jealous of Amanda and Stacey. Whenever Amanda is on Stacey's lap, Robin rushes over to push her off. Luckily, Amanda finds it comical and is not upset by it.

This month, Amanda began a love affair with fairies and Barbies (and Barbie fairies). She loves to play with anything with wings. Robin began a hate affair with water. She screams mercilessly when placed in the bath or any other body of water.
She did, however, develop a taste for dog food.



Robin is 10 Months Old!

Time for a photo shoot!


Green Thumbs
Aleck and Amanda plant some flowers in the flower bed on the front porch.


Tot Shabbat!

Amanda chose the "Torah Helper" card, allowing her to carry the real Torah
and lead the other children in the Torah parade along with Miss Carol.


Then she got to stay up front while Miss Carol read from the Torah and explained the week's reading.

Since it was Amanda's birthday month, she got to lead everyone in the prayers before eating lunch.

Click Here for a VIDEO of Amanda leading everyone in the Hamotzi (video is 33 seconds)


Amanda's friends Faren (left) and Molly were also helpers, holding the kiddush cup and candlesticks WAY up high for all to see.

Robin was not very interested in the goings on, except where there was music. This baby LOVES music!

**Overheard this month**

During a discussion about commandments at Tot Shabbat, Amanda's offering was:
"Don't step on someone's foot if you're wearing shoes and they're not."

A little Father/Daughter bonding time

She feels the need... the need for speed.

Outside Time!


Robin swings, gets planted in the stroller, and does a little yoga.


Amanda blows bubbles (with the mess-free squeeze bubbles-- the wand pops up by itself!)

It's a Baby Block Party! Ricky, Robin, Amanda, and Sophie enjoy the day.

**Overheard this month**

"One day when I was awake, a dream came by and it went into my body.. and I had it!"

Foiled again. And again.


Damn these impenetrable magic walls!

Working On Walking

Robin loves to use her walking push toy.

But she sometimes gets a little distracted by the toys on the other side.

Click Here for a VIDEO of Robin showing off her true drama queen style when her walker gets stuck. (Video is 27 seconds.)

The Fart Fairy

Yes, you read that right.
Grammy Karyn invited us out to the bookstore to hear a reading of a new book, The Fart Fairy.
Attendees were encouraged to dress as fairies. Amanda wore her usual attire of fairy wings and a crown and won a prize for her outfit!


Amanda and Karyn listen to the author (pictured above); Robin pays attention from the safety of the train table.

Family Time!

After the book reading with Grammy, we went to see Steve, Michelle, Samantha and Emma.



Samantha was insistent that Robin take her first steps at their house that day. She's working on it, but wasn't ready yet.


Samantha decided to do Steve's hair and gave him a gel-induced mohawk.

Amanda, of course, raided the dress-up bin. Shoes and all.

**Overheard this month**


Happy First Birthday, Nat!

Nat turned one this month and we went to help celebrate.
Amanda and Hannah had so much fun playing together that we had to schedule another visit to let them play some more!


Nat and Robin get acquainted, then promptly ignore each other.

Hannah and Amanda eat cake at their "kids only" kitchen picnic.


When we came back to play again, Nat and Robin only interacted when they decided to fight over the same toy. I think it's love.


Amanda and Hannah, on the other hand, had a blast and climbed into Hannah's bed declaring that they were having a sleepover.


Everyone had fun playing in the water table, except Robin, who was horrified by the sight of water.

This Is The Way We Roll
When the weather is just right, Amanda gets taken to school by bicycle!


The Last Month As A Penguin in Preschool

Amanda's class, the Penguins, had their last month together as school came to a close this month.




End of the Year Show

The class decided to make animal costumes. Amanda was a bee.



Click Here for a VIDEO of Amanda and her class performing, and then crossing over the "bridge" from one school year to the next.
(The voice you can hear most clearly is that of Amanda's friend Casey.) Video is 1:21 minutes.

Amanda's teachers Helen (left) and Ali.

Happy Father's Day!


Aleck got a bevy of beautiful gifts, including a hand-decorated mug from Amanda and a hand-colored plate from Robin
(but probably not actually by Robin).

**Overheard this month**

After eating a chocolate chip while baking with Stacey, who told her she could not eat from the batter:

"A fake wind blew the chocolate chip into my mouth and I ate it!"

Goodbye to our Good Friends


Elijah and Maggie (and their parents Tonya and Nathan) moved out from across the street this month.
Their family moved in on the day Amanda was born and we've been friends since. We are so sad to see them go.


Elijah and Maggie spent lots of quality time at our house toward the end of the month while their parents got some serious packing done.


As usual, Maggie works on giving kisses to Robin,



Robin can use a spoon! Robin can use a spoon! ... or not.

Hanging at Home with Grandparents (and their cameras)


Robin cuddles with Aleck; Amanda paints a butterfly on Grammy using pretend eye makeup.


Aunt Lois gets acquainted with Jessie the Cowgirl doll; Robin trolls the floor for crumbs.

**Overheard this month**

"Letís get to your work so you can do your clients."

Let The Birthday Madness Begin!

We begin, as always, with our annual trip to Toys R Us for the birthday balloon and crown.

Click Here for a VIDEO  of Amanda showing off her crown and balloon. (Video is 33 seconds)


Bouncy Birthday Party!

Amanda had a fantastic party at an inflatables place with large inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and moonbounces.

Waiting in the lobby for her friends to come and for the party to start.

Back row: Mayah, Adam, Aidan, Elissa, Danny
Middle row: Casey, Laynee, Faren, Molly
Front right: Elijah, Maggie, Madelyn (front)
Not pictured: Scott, Sean, Graham

Check out this equipment!



Amanda and Casey climb; Molly takes a rest.


Amanda goes down the super fast slide; Robin get a little taste of the bounce.

Click Here to see a VIDEO of Amanda, Casey, Elijah, and Maggie coming down the big slide (video is 21 seconds)

And If Bouncing Is Not Your Thing, Try These:


Scott rides on a plane; Amanda rides a mini-coaster; Amanda sees and saws.


Faren pilots the plane; Scott on the coaster; Robin crawling head-first down a step.


Danny tries out the plane; Robin checks things out; Amanda and Casey play on the plane.


Robin uses the table as a walker, pushing it around the floor; Amanda and Molly take a spin; Maggie steals yet another kiss from Robin.

There's Stacey in the obstacle course. She feels no shame because it was fun.

All That Bouncing Made Us Hungry For Cake!



Click Here for a VIDEO of Amanda being serenaded and blowing out the candles (video is 34 seconds).
Amanda opened some of her presents in the big chair.
The Car Ride Home
But wait... there's more!
Birthday Ice Cream Cone!
 Next was our annual trip to Baskin-Robbins for Amanda's (and Stacey's) free birthday scoop.
Amanda was gracious enough to share hers with Robin, who really enjoyed it.
And was equally peeved when another bite wasn't stuffed into her mouth in a timely manner.
After ice cream, Safari Amanda had to stop and smell the flowers.
This was the day before her birthday; she wants to enjoy every minute of her youth.
It's finally here: Amanda's Birthday!
Amanda dons the Birthday Glasses all morning before camp.
The annual height measuring on the door. She's grown quite a bit since turning 3!
Presents from Robin, Oma & Opa!
Robin thoughtfully chose a pack of Fancy Nancy underwear for her sister.
Oma and Opa got Amanda a new scooter! (Notice Robin helping to steady it in the center picture.)
Click Here for a Video of Amanda thanking Oma and Opa for her new scooter and then riding it (video is 47 seconds).
This perfect day was capped off by Amanda's choice of going out to dinner with her best friend Casey.

See all of these pictures and more at our photo gallery

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