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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

August 2010


We celebrated Robin's first birthday this month and watched her start to walk. She took her first steps (Video is 46 seconds) 3 days before her birthday. She began by walking a few steps, falling down and then crawling the rest of the way. Toward the end of the month, she would get back up and walk after falling. She's got shoes and can now be called a toddler (Video is 36 seconds). She can also be called a drama-queen. She is very quick to cry and scream, which is something we hope will abate as she learns to speak and express herself better. She doesn't have much of a vocabulary yet; we can decipher "Uh-oh" and not much else. We are sure that she says a lot, but it all comes out sounding like, "Ah" with various intonations: "Ah?" "Ah!" "Aaaahhh" "Ah! Ah! Ah!" "AH!!"

Robin is also becoming more aware of the world around her and is starting to mimic what she sees. She has a few toy phones, which she eagerly puts up to her ear while saying "Hello?" ("Ah-o?"). This is very cute, but even cuter when you realize that any unidentifiable object becomes a phone to her. She will pick up almost any toy and put it to her ear, talking into it.

Amanda finished camp this month and will start school again in September. She is having a rough time adjusting to Robin's burgeoning personality and recognizing that Robin is more aware of her surroundings (and of what is in her hands). Amanda loves to play with Robin, but takes liberties and Robin is starting to notice. Amanda is also becoming an artist and loves to color. She will sit at her little table for well over an hour coloring with crayons and markers. And, despite not being able to tell you what they are, Amanda kept asking for nachos all month long. Finally, at the end of the month, we went out to dinner and ordered nachos. She enjoyed them!

We had a lot of fun this month with many different activities. Amanda had play dates and birthday parties, the family went to Tot Shabbat and the Arlington County Fair.


Robin's 1st Birthday!


Robin started her morning with a few presents from Allison and Jeff.


Amanda got some, too!

**Overheard this month**

Reading a book with Aunt Lois in which the word "automobile" was used. Amanda had asked for an explanation, after which she said, "My Mommy and Daddy don't know what 'automobile' means. They use the word 'car.'"

Her first height measurement on the door.
(Second Child Neglect-o-Meter: Amanda's measurements are centered on the door. Robin has to be off to the side.)

Later on, it was off to the toy store for a birthday crown and balloon, and also where Amanda picked out a present for her sister.
This picture encompasses the entire 3 seconds that the crown was on her head.

**Overheard this month: PARENT EDITION**

"No, no, Robin. No climbing."
"Come down [the steps], Robin."
"Not in mouth, Robin"



"Check out my beautiful party dress."


Robin works on her walking, hangs with her sister (and some balloons), and generally has a blast!





"Hey guys, this party is really fun with all the toys and all... but when are we cutting the cake?"

Cake Time!


Robin was a little perplexed while we sang to her, and was even more concerned about being dangled over an open flame.


But she had no problem once it was time to eat her cake. Carly jumped in to help her anyway, which Robin appreciated.


While cleaning up after the party, Robin decided to swipe her fingers in the orange frosting.


After raiding their goody bags, Amanda and Danny have a roaring good time with their dinosaur masks.

In lieu of presents, Robin collected bags of canned goods and food for the food pantry at Stacey's workplace, Bread for the City.

She was very happy with her decision, as you can see.

**Overheard this month**

"Robin said 'uh-oh,' but she didn't say 'Spaghettios.'"

Rollin' with the Top Down

Amanda and Robin inherited a Barbie Jeep. Emma gives Amanda a quick lesson.

**Overheard this month**

(As a taunting threat) "Mommy, if you don't get there in time... I'm going to wait for you!"

Hanging Around at Home


Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.

The last few weeks of camp!




Amanda was part of Broccoli the Clown's act!


She's a "model" camper.

**Overheard this month: Knock Knock Jokes**

Who's there? Who's there?
Water. Soda.
Water who? Soda who?
Water silly head! Soda wants to spill on a person's head!


Dress Up Days!


Sports Day, Pajama Day...


And Crazy Hair Day. Amanda requested 8 ponies on her head. She got them!

She's Got New Shoes, and Attitude


Check out my shoes! Oh yeah-- I'm cool! How do you like me now?

**Overheard this month**

Looking at a picture of a seahorse: "Look! A Seapurse!"

New Bike!

Amanda got a real bike with training wheels (Robin stuck with her own chariot for now).

Did I Get It All?

Amanda applies sunblock to her face. Lots of it.

**Overheard this month**

Referring to something cemented to the wall:
Stacey:   "We can't move it. It's there permanently."
Amada:   "Is it stapled?"

Sit On It.


Robin loves to sit in various chairs. Here she is in the rocking chair and in a booster seat that was taken out of the car.

The County Fair!

Rides and friends galore! We went to the Fair with a bunch of friends from preschool,
and also met up with Sean (and some other adults) there.

From left: Becca, Laynee, Elissa, Molly, Casey, Amanda

Dragon Coaster


Becca and Amanda


Molly; Elissa and Laynee; Casey (and her neighbor).

Click Here for a VIDEO of Amanda and Robin on the rides (video is 35 seconds).

Spinning Dragon

Moonbounce! Swings!


**Overheard this month**

Handing Stacey a wrinkled piece of paper: "Can we unstraighten it?"



Sean and Chris; Amanda and Stacey; Amanda.

Pig Races


Robin's First Ride!

Stacey was going to take Robin on a train ride. Then the bigger girls got wind of it and crashed!


After her uneventful train ride, she stuck to the stroller. And tried to drink from a closed bottle of water... that didn't belong to her.

Stacey Got To Go On A Ride!

There she is on the far left. It went really high. Wahoo!
Friends and Fun
Amanda the Torah Helper at Tot Shabbat; Sean and the ball popper; Robin practicing her walking.
Playdate with Katie; Playing with Casey at Max's birthday party.
**Overheard this month**
After Stacey mentioned something about an airplane
"You can just say 'plane.' Little kids say 'airplane' but it's cool for big kids and grown-ups to say 'plane.'"
She's Corny.
Robin saw us eating corn on the cob and made noises like she wanted some. Stacey cut some corn off the cob and gave it to her.
"No," she made clear. "I want to eat it like YOU are." And she did!
Spiderman Fairy
How better to accessorize a Spiderman costume? Spidermanda says, "With fairy wings, of course."

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