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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

MARCH 2007

This month we celebrated Aleck's birthday as well as a visit from his parents, Oma and Opa. Amanda is also really starting to walk around with the help of her walking toys... and her cousins. She hasn't taken any independent steps yet. The lack of movement (and perpetual smile) make her a great target for the camera, as you will notice the plethora of pictures this month. She also has a new love and its name is Orange Foot. From the crib to the highchair to the car, it is always within reach (except for that one time that she almost lost it at the grocery store, but that's another story). And, as with every other update, still no teeth and still not crawling.


Lots and Lots of Family Time!

Amanda has Cousins

A visit with Emma (left) and Samantha



Although cousin Matty wasn't here this month, Amanda sure had him on her mind when she chose to play with her orange toys. Matty is a firm believer in all things orange.

Amanda has Aunts and Uncles.

Here are one set, Uncle Steve and Aunt Michelle

Amanda has a Grammy Karyn

(And Amanda's cousins Samantha and Emma also have a Grammy Karyn. What a coincidence!)


Amanda has an Oma and Opa


Amanda has a Mommy


Amanda has a Daddy (who she loves, according to her shirt)


These are from Aleck's birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Amanda has other family members, too, but she didn't take any pictures with them this month. Stay tuned for more aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins in the months to come!

There's Something About Mary Amanda


Look closely and you will see the giant mess of hair sticking straight up.

Look What's Blooming in the Garden!


"Hmmm. You think she'll notice if I eat that? What about that one? Somebody really needs to weed in here."

Take A Memo...



DJ AJ makes her debut

Learning to Walk with Samantha and Emma


                                                               Samantha says, "I'll be in the background."

Mommy's Kitchen Helper



Amanda Stands Up For... Anything, As Long As She Gets To Stand



Taking a Stroll in the Family Room


                       "Off I go."                          "Ooh! Something shiny!"                  "No! Must. Keep. Going."

Nine Divine Months!



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