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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

APRIL 2007

This month was all about forward motion. Yes, Amanda started crawling! And... took her first steps! (Of course, we didn't have the camera ready.) We also spent lots of time outside and saw the Cherry Blossoms, had a visit from Jen, tried some new foods, and had a great time playing with toys. She also learned to wave bye-bye and give kisses. And although it was a momentous month in many ways, we are still left with a gummy baby showing no signs of teeth.


On the Move!


Her skills now run the gamut of being able to go from sitting to crawling and back again.

Sometimes even in her sleep!


Amanda vs. Strawberry
Amanda: 0; Strawberry: 1


Cherry Blossom Time!

We were lucky enough to see the Cherry Blossoms at their peak.


Well, some of us saw the trees...



Amanda didn't see much, but she did bring home several petals for us.

Finally! Jen came back for a visit!


Amanda made sure she got to know Orange Foot well.



More time outside. This time, Amanda is awake!





Amanda confuses "Learning Table" with "Dinner Table"


"That was not as satisfying as I had hoped."

But when she does figure out where she's supposed to eat dinner, she likes to use her new sippy cup



Whatchoo lookin' at? Me? Oh, right, it's because I'm cute.


When Amanda gives you a kiss, your WHOLE face knows it.

Playing at home




"How can I get up? This way?"

"No no. This way!"

"Phew. Now what?"



"Of course-- someone walks me around! This is the life!"


Would you believe this toothless wonder is 10 months old now? Neither can we.



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