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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

April 2008

Amanda continued to jump her way through life this month, as is evidenced by some videos below.

Her language skills continue to improve and mature, and she now speaks in sentences. Many of them start with the phrase, "I want...". She is starting to use pronouns, too, but keeps getting them backwards. She'll sit in the stroller and say, "Daddy, push you." She has, however, mastered the concept of "mine." Thank you, day care.
She has also imparted some sage advice onto us (click for a 15 second video).

She's a polite child, as well. One evening as Amanda was walking down the hall, Luna was lying in the way chewing her bone. Amanda stopped and said, "Excuse me, Luna." (Which sounds more like, "Neeme, Nuna"). Luna obediently moved. Amanda then looked at the bone lying in front of her feet and said, "Excuse me, bone." When the bone didn't cooperate, she bent down, moved it to the side, and carried on.

We don't have too many pictures this month, but we have several videos. Those of you who have seen her recently will agree that still shots just do not convey the reality that is this energetic little girl.

Sleeping Beauty
Amanda still picks out her own clothes, and now delights in picking out her pajamas.
She also insists on socks (of course she does. She's Amanda).


Singing Beauty

Amanda decides to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" but then thinks better of it (video is 11 seconds).

She is also a fan of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Eeny, Meenie, Miney, Moe", which she thinks is a song. In this video, Stacey is on the floor with Amanda. When Amanda tries to climb into her lap, Stacey leans further and further back, throwing Amanda off a little from her singing. (Video is 44 seconds.)

Tot Seder

While Tot Shabbat is an absolute favorite of Amanda's (an entire hour of jumping to music!), our first Tot Seder was also pretty fun. Members of our Havurah were there, including 3 year old Carly, who took the lead in hers and Amanda's participation.
Amanda did not seem to mind.


There is also a You Tube video (5 min 30 sec), created by the woman who organized the seder, with music and a couple cute pictures of Amanda, as well as Carly and Faren (also in the Havurah). Amanda doesn't make an appearance until 3:48, where you can see her in the back in her pink dress and frog hat sitting at the table. There is a good one of her at 4:37 and also some of she and Carly in the crowd at 4:44. Unfortunately, we completely missed the frog song due to an ill-timed diaper change.

Jealous Much?

Elijah and baby Maggie came over one night to have dinner and play. Amanda has no problem with Elijah:


However, when it comes to Maggie (and Mommy), there may be a tiny issue.


On the left, Amanda is all too happy to interact with Maggie while she is safely on Mommy's lap.
In the middle, Amanda warily checks out Maggie, who is just sitting there being cute, wearing one of Amanda's old outfits, lounging on Amanda's old blanket playing with Amanda's old toy (not that Amanda was keeping track of these things, mind you).
On the right, Amanda has had enough and shamelessly shoves Maggie away from Mommy's lap and plops herself in the middle.

"I took a bite!... I take a bite again?"


Meet Amanda's Friend Belle
and Learn About An Upcoming Fundraiser to Help Her Stay Healthy!

Annabelle is in Amanda's playgroup (which used to be Stacey's New Mom's Group until the babies became toddlers!). Belle is about a month older than Amanda. When she was 6 months old, Belle was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome. This is a progressive degenerative disease that causes severe bone & organ damage. Due to damage and complications, many diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome may have a much shortened life span. Children with severe Morquio Syndrome typically stop growing at a very early age and rely on wheelchairs for mobility from around age 8-10. They also must endure many painful surgeries to maintain quality of life. Annabelle has severe Morquio Syndrome. At this time, there is no treatment or cure.
To learn more about Annabelle, please visit

Belle's parents are taking an incredibly positive and proactive approach to their situation and are planning several fundraisers to support research for a cure. A treatment that could slow and/or stop the progression of this disease has been discovered by Dr. Tomatsu, a well known bio-chemist and researcher. Dr Tomatsu is ready to move forward with a clinical trial to get those with Morquio Syndrome (including Annabelle) treatment; however, raising funds has become a critical factor in making this dream and reality. Together we can be that difference to so many others!

A fundraising event coming up on June 1, 2008 is the Mad Hatter Tea Party. To learn more about this event and others, purchase tickets, or make a donation, visit

Amanda will be there... will you?


Does life get better than this?


Amanda is becoming a connoisseur of slides. She likes the wavy one because it goes fast
(as long as she keeps her foot from getting in the way).
Click to watch a video of Amanda sliding and jumping (video is 30 seconds).


Elijah and Aleck get in on the action, too!

On this trip to the playground, Elijah introduced Amanda to the steering wheel. To say that she liked it is an understatement.
Click to see a video of Amanda at the wheel and jumping (video is 21 seconds).


And through it all, Maggie had a great time just being cute.

It's All About the Bib

You may remember from last month that Stacey's friend Wendy made a bib for Amanda, and Amanda refers to it as the Wendy Bib. In this video, Amanda thanks Wendy for her Wendy Bib (video is 38 seconds).

She Could Be A Carnival Sideshow!

Here's a video of Amanda eating her morning bowl of oatmeal. Just when you thought her mouth couldn't open any wider... (video is 17 seconds)

See all of these videos, pictures and more at our photo gallery

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