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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

April 2009

 This month, Amanda made several choices and statements leading us to believe that she should have been a boy. Two of her most prized possessions are her Spiderman shirt and her Pirate shirt. She also loves her blue "boys" rain boots (the "girls" ones are pink), Diego (and not Dora), and will choose boy's underwear over girls. For her birthday, she is asking for a bat and ball, and an electric drill. On the other hand, she has recently started asking for ponytails again, loves to wear her dress up princess shoes, and has taken to posing in front of the mirror to see how beautiful she looks each morning.

We also celebrated Passover this month and Amanda learned some new songs. Click here to listen to her sing the 4 Questions, and click here to listen to a song about Pharaoh and the plague of the frogs.


"Big and Strong"

Luna's New Best Friend

Amanda loves to give Luna treats from the treat jar. She also is now the one to refill Luna's food bowl when empty.

**Overheard this month**

"The Cat in the Hat can stay home and watch Luna. He's a people."

Ready for the Runway

Stacey mentioned to a friend how lucky it is that Bam will be born in the same season as Amanda and will be able to wear all of Amanda's old baby clothes. The friend responded with, "Watch out with hand me downs, because that kid will develop her OWN style." I think we've already got that covered.

You're looking at a long sleeve green shirt ("my favorite color") beneath the coveted Spiderman shirt, paired with orange pants and rain boots (the "boy" ones). And a little dancing.

**Overheard this month: Little Miss Literal**

After Stacey realizes that Amanda was trying to carry her laptop up the stairs-- and did not succeed:


 "You may not touch my computer."


 "I didn't touch it."


 "You may not carry my computer."


 "I didn't carry it."


 "Then what did you do to my computer?"


 "I dropped it."


Amanda's cousin Emma turned 7 this month and had a bowling party. Amanda had a fantastic time with all of the "big kids."
This was also her first time bowling. She loved the shoes.


She has quite the technique. Walk slowly up the the line... gently place the ball... give it the slightest shove... jump up and down.
Despite her best efforts, she didn't knock too many pins over. Most of the time, her ball would get stuck in the lane and an attendant would have to go clear it. Sometimes, the ball would get almost to the pins, and then start rolling back down the lane.
Click on any of these pictures to see a video of her bowling (video is 11 seconds).


She and Emma also made use of the arcade games at the bowling alley.

**Overheard this month**

Introducing Karyn to her own grandchild: "Grammy, this is my cousin Emma."

Love for Baby Bam

Amanda has a lot of ideas about her baby sister. One of them is that Bam likes to jump from one belly to another. One morning, Bam jumped into Amanda's belly and Amanda took her to school all day. One night, after awakening from a bad dream and on her way back to sleep, Amanda patted Stacey's belly and said that Bam was wearing her pajamas because it was the middle of the night.

**Overheard this month**

Amanda often hears Stacey say in frustration, "I can't deal with you." However, here she was just asking for help:
"Mommy, can you please deal with me?"

Ponies are Back! Now with Clips, too!

Picking Pennies

Twice a week at school, Amanda and her classmates bring a penny to put in the tzedakah (charity) box. At home, she has her own stash from which to choose just the right penny to bring each time.


**Overheard this month: Passover Story, abbreviated**

"Baby Moses was in the basket, and a princess found him and took him to the palace and he grewed up."
What did he do then?
"Just... nothing"

Rollin' Along

Off to the Zoo with Jen!


**Overheard this month**

"What you said 'Ow' about?"

Budding Picasso

On a visit to Stacey's work (Amanda makes clear that Stacey doesn't have an "office" but instead just has a "work" since there is no actual private office in which Stacey works) Amanda occupied herself with a pad of scrap paper and a highlighter. She drew a picture of Stacey. The line at the bottom is the mouth, in the middle is the nose. She also drew two dots to serve and eyes, and then topped it off with a mess of "long long hair."

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