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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm


Amanda officially runs now, and can climb stairs faster than lightning. Much to our delight, she has also learned to climb down the stairs, though will often stop midway and seem to forget what she was doing. She's also getting much better at feeding herself. She's not really talking yet, although she does say "Uh oh" (usually after she deliberately throws something on the ground). Now we think she also says "all done." It sounds kind of like a native Spanish speaker saying "agua" and drawing it out slowly. But then again, we're not sure, since she'll say it while in the highchair, but then reach for more food. Maybe she just wants water.

This month included a visit from Uncle Menko, Aunt Cami, and cousin Matty (right after we visited them in California!). Also a visit to Mommy's office, and the emergence of some fashion (non) sense.


Right on the heels of our trip to California in July, Uncle Menko, Aunt Cami and Matty had plans to be in the DC area in early August. Amanda and Matty had a great time together.




Amanda's very own rocking chair!



Sadly, we didn't discover the rocking chair in the basement until a few days after Matty left. We are sure it would have been a highlight of his trip.

Two Hands? Two Spoons!

Amanda can not only use a spoon, she can use 2 of them. To eat toast.



A Visit to Mommy's Office

Amanda came by for a visit for Liz's and Claire's last day at work.


Amanda was sad to see these former babysitters go, but wishes them the best of luck!

Cool! Mommy has toys on her desk!

Sock It To Me

Witness the future Fairy Princess at the grocery store.


Amanda loves socks. Plainly said. She loves to hold a pair of rolled up socks; she likes to play with individual socks, flapping them around her feet waiting for someone to slide them on. The mere mention of the word "socks" sends her running to her dresser and pointing up to the drawer holding that magical piece of clothing. In an attempt to help her assert her independence, she is thrilled to have the privilege of picking out her own socks each morning.

Trying to Outwit the Paparazzi...


Or maybe just her cousins!


They've spotted her and they're armed with sunglasses. They got her. Twice!

Fun at Home with Mommy and Daddy


Amanda and Mommy have a ball!

Look at me! I'm on top of the world!

The Next Yo Baby?


Yo Baby yogurt (made by Stonyfield) is having a contest to find its next cover baby. They partnered with a portrait studio to offer a free sitting and entry into the contest, so we took Amanda for some pictures. Given the sheer volume of babies from across the country who are entering, Amanda's chances of becoming a finalist are quite slim, but you never know!

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