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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

December 2007

Hanukkah, Christmas, and lots of teeth! That's what defined this month for Amanda. She got 3 molars and several more teeth, as well (those were fun weeks, indeed!) Also, Amanda had a language explosion this month and says new words daily. She repeats almost everything she hears (except the word "please").

Eight Crazy Nights!


On the first night of Hanukkah, Amanda didn't want to be tied down with only 1 candle. She decided to double fist it.
She also learned to say "menorah," "pretty," and "hot!"


Hooray! Hanukkah present! It took her so long to unwrap this that the camera battery died before she was done. It was a "Classic" Tickle Me Elmo, in case you were wondering. As soon as Amanda saw that red bit poking out, she said, "Elmo!"

It's Christmas in California!

Where's the snow?

Amanda had fun with her new toys, including books, trucks, a hand-made snowman blanket, and a "Mommy's Helper" apron.




While Matty, who is almost 4, spent Christmas morning eagerly opening gifts and getting more and more excited with each one, Amanda... well, it didn't take much to make Amanda happy.


"Look, Mommy! Look at this awesome box! What do you think it's for?"


  "I'm going to get inside and check it out."

Later, she showed her true colors and occupied herself with a bowl of dreidels.

Kissin' Cousins



One of Amanda's new words (and obsessions) is Snowman. She was overjoyed to find a blanket crawling with snowmen right there on the couch! She was then equally heartbroken and bewildered when Oma took it away to wash it.

Amanda the eating machine

You may have noticed that many pictures of Amanda show her in the highchair.
This is because that's where she spends 75% of her day.


Happy Amanda has snacks. Sad Amanda's snacks are all gone.

This is what happens when you try to make her sit still without offering food. Consider yourself warned.


Matty is very patient with Amanda. Even when she tries to do somersaults through his campground.

These two are Greater than Great

Amanda spent some time with her Great-Great Aunt Helen and Uncle Morris


Bouncing Buddies

Amanda's friend Danny came to play and LOVES the Jumperoo! Amanda bounced on her zebra right along side him.

"I'm Not Your Performing Monkey."

Amanda has learned to say several new words recently, including the word Helicopter. She says it pretty clearly, too. Once we tried to get it on video, though, she decided she was only going to make the noise that a helicopter makes (she has a wooden puzzle with a helicopter piece that she likes to fly around). (Video is 20 seconds.)

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