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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm


This month Amanda really focused on her feet-- both to stand up and also to munch on.
She still refuses to crawl or cut teeth. However, she is growing more and more red hair, which makes clothing choices far more limited.



Thanks to inclement weather (and the closure of day care), Amanda got to go to her friend's Valentine's Day party!


                Here's Allie, Samuel, Amanda and Belle              And here's Megan, Allie, Urban, and Amanda




The whole group: Back row- Belle, Madison, Megan, Samuel, Allie, Urban, and Amanda.
Front row- John, Thomas, Lily and Skylar.
This is what happens when you put a room full of sleep-deprived moms together. Everything seems like a good idea.

If you'll notice in each shot, Amanda is much more interested in eating the paper hearts than in anything else.
Amanda got a pretty new dress to wear to her first (post birth) baby shower
for her soon-to-be new friend, Baby Girl Lee!


She was loving it until she realized that the tights limited access to her feet.

Introducing Amanda's Newest Obsession: The Cheerio


These pictures make it look so easy! In reality, only about 1 out of 5 make it into her mouth.
Her bib is the lucky recipient of most of them.



Who needs toys when you've got a burp cloth?



Dressed for winter (and looking beary cute. Sorry, couldn't resist).



Amanda develops Foot in Mouth disease! Luckily, it's not serious.


A few toys scattered at my (very tasty) feet are not enough. I think I need access to ALL of them.


Yeah, that's better. Now if only I could balance and play with the toys at the same time...



A Visit to Mommy's Office!


Amanda hams it up with Katie and Margit, and then gets swept away by the intricacies of Kendra's necklaces.

After that, a stop at Ben's Chili Bowl, the famous site where so many of Stacey's pregnancy cravings were quelled.
It's no wonder Amanda loves it at Ben's!

Eight Great Months!




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