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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

February 2009

Despite a short month, Amanda packed a whole bunch of activities into it! We had a visit from Liza and Baby Josie (where Amanda got to practice her burgeoning Big Sister skills), celebrated Elijah's birthday, and visited the zoo with Hannah. We also got to see Baby Sean and pass on the Bumbo seat to yet another baby.

Also of interest this month, Aleck got Lasik! The procedure went very well and he's very happy with it. Amanda, on the other hand, was incredibly distressed the first day when he wasn't wearing his glasses. She cried and cried and kept asking him to put his glasses back on. Eventually, she got used to it and then was excited to tell people, "My daddy doesn't wear his glasses anymore."

Baby Josie comes for a visit!


Baby Josie and her Mommy Liza were in town for the weekend and made good use of the empty nursery while here. Amanda got to practice a little on Josie. Luckily, Josie has her own 3 year old at home, Noah, and she is used to the manhandling.
Amanda was bummed that Noah didn't come visit, as well. They've only met
once before and had as much fun as you can have when one of you is immobile.

**Overheard this month**


Amanda: "I'll do it later when it's Friday."
Stacey:  "It is Friday."
Amanda: "I'll do it later when it's Thursday."
Elijah turned 4 in animal safari fashion


Elijah's party was lots of fun, complete with crafts and games.
Amanda won an orange bouncy ball, which kept her on her toes for the rest of the party.

She also got a Hippo mask and a balloon!

**Overheard this month**

"Mommy, you’re so cute"

Amanda and Hannah visit the zoo!

On a rare warm day, we took a trip to the zoo early in the morning- so early that there were no crowds
and we got front row seats to all of the attractions.



Hannah will be a big sister about a month before Amanda.
They commiserated a bit, with Hannah repeating her mantra: "No baby brother."

**Overheard this month: Español**

"Forka. That's how you say 'Fork' in Spanish. Fork-a."

**Overheard this month: Big Sister Logic**

"Mommy, you will get very big like Daddy and then the baby will come out and it will be my big sister!"

"The baby can stay home with Luna while you go to work and I go to school.
Luna will make sure the baby is safe."

What's Wrong With This Picture?

The answer: Her shirt matches her pants.

**Overheard this month**

"Is that all much better?"

Bumbo Makes the Rounds

Back when Amanda was about 4 months old, Stacey bought this Bumbo seat for her. It's a specially designed chair for infants who can hold their heads up but can't yet sit. It's slanted in a way that helps them sit up safely and prevents them from falling out. The general consensus is that kids either love it or hate it. Amanda hated it. She sat in it for about 2 weeks and then refused. She was sitting on her own a week later. This chair costs $40 and Stacey would be damned to see it go to waste. So, it has been passed to as many babies as possible to get her money's worth. Sean is at least the 6th child to use it. Wahoo!

Sean says, "I could get used to this whole vertical thing."


Mom and Dad elicit big smiles; Amanda poses and suddenly looks very big.

**Overheard this month**

"Mommy, you look beautiful! Can I have a phone so I can take a picture of you?"

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