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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

February 2008

This month, Amanda (almost) got her fill of grandparents. She is also talking non-stop. Out of her mouth comes a running commentary on her life. "Amanda's running!" Amanda's climbing!" "Amanda goes boom!" (That's the natural progression of that one.) She is also simultaneously developing strong independence yet also a need for conformity. It's curious. She likes to pick out her own clothes, cup, fork and spoon, for example, but if she has a spoon and everyone else at the table has a fork, she demands a fork, too.

She is also learning the ways of the house, and likes to imitate everything we do. From using the dishwasher to throwing things away in the garbage can, Amanda knows how it all works.

We think she has all but 4 of her teeth now, though she's been chewing on her hand, which is a good indicator of teething. Her hair is also getting lighter and is now more Strawberry Blond. It shows up much more red in pictures than in real life.

Lastly, she is learning to say "Please" and "Thank You." After she is prompted to say Please, she is asked, "What do you say now?" To which she answers, "I say thank you."


Amanda on Safari


She likes to get on the giraffe and then have one of us sing the theme music to "Bonanza,"
substituting "Amanda" for "Bonanza!"

Time to Bake!


While making brownies, Stacey gave Amanda her own, empty bowl and spoon so she could stir, as well. Amanda clearly preferred the real one. But, to her credit, she did offer Stacey the other bowl to use!

What Do You Do With A Squirmy Toddler At Brunch?

Some of our favorites:


1. Give her a dreidel to play with. They're fun year round! She loves for you to make it spin, but then immediately catches it.

2. Give her crayons. Paper optional.

3. Let her play with the buckles on her seat. This is a good one because she can do it over and over again. The down side is that every few seconds, you will hear, "Open?! Please, please!? Open?!" at increasingly high volume. At least she says please....

Is That Really...? Could It Be...? It's Jen!

We got to see Jen for a too-short visit this month. Amanda made the most of it, though, getting Jen to give her Mardi Gras beads (don't ask how) and soaking Jen to the bone during bath time. And even though Amanda repeated "Come back, Jen" several times, it was not enough to persuade Jen return to the area for good. We'll keep trying.

Grandparents, Grandparents Everywhere!


Grandpa Dave and Aunt Lois were in from Florida to see Amanda.

Lounging with Grammy.


Grammy finds a "convenient" position from which to open the buckles for Amanda.

Stay tuned for more grandparent action next month when Oma and Opa come for a visit!

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