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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

JUNE 2007

Amanda turned 1 this month and celebrated with both friends and family. She also started walking, got new shoes,
had lots of playtime and now has 5 teeth!


5 teeth! Oh, what you can chew!


She still has a fang, but it's less noticeable since the two front teeth have come in.

There's No Stopping Her Now.

Every day her gait gets more and more confident-- and speeds up!  

Here, on June 10, she walked like a Franken-Baby.
In a few short weeks, she had lost that stiff, arms-raised, spooky edge.
By the end of the month, she could truly be called a toddler.





Here she comes!!

Check Out My New Shoes!

On June 14, Grammy Karyn bought Amanda her first pair of shoes. Here they are in the store trying them out.


Luckily, Amanda took to her new shoes quite well and was able to walk in them right away.

How am I supposed to play with them if they are stuck on my feet?

Shortly thereafter, she learned how to take them off by herself.

Showing off her coordinated moves in the driveway

Should she be wearing a helmet? Or at least maybe knee pads...


Wahoo! Finish line! Do a little dance

Grandpa Dave and Aunt Lois came out to dinner this month! Amanda showed off her impeccable table manners.


Who has time to sit and play? You've got to just take the toys with you while you walk!

BUBBLES! Life's Greatest Invention.


Go Nats!




We took in a Nationals Game this month. Amanda enjoyed it, but she can't quite understand why a perfect game isn't really perfect, and why people actually do hit the ball in a so-called "no hitter." Or maybe that's just Mommy. Either way, we had a great time!

Hot Dog! Over Here!


Party #1: On Amanda's birthday, she co-hosted a playgroup birthday party for herself and her friend David, whose birthday is the day after. It was a Cool In The Pool party at Amanda's house. Despite some rain early on, it was a blast!

Here are the birthday honorees, Amanda and David.


While waiting for the rain to subside, we had fun inside with bubbles and snacks.

Finally, the sun! Everybody hop in and cool off!


Jack makes use of our sunglasses party favors

Time for Birthday Cupcakes!

There's also a short VIDEO of Amanda's Birthday Party (right click to save it to your desktop)


Amanda's first taste of chocolate. I think she liked it!


Party #2: A few days later, Amanda hosted yet another birthday party for herself, this time for family and more friends!


There was cake...


And there was a big candle (and there were big cousins to help blow it out)...


And then there was SMASH CAKE!



The latest in hair care: Frosting

There were guests (and bubbles, of course)



Meet Danny, Amanda's newest friend (by far), who is only 4 weeks old. (And clearly ready to party!)

There were presents (and cousins to help open them)



And, thanks to Emma, there was also some dancing

And when all was said and done, there was a one year old with a continued affinity for Orange Foot. It's good to see that not everything is changing so fast.

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