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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

June 2008

Amanda turned 2 this month! Happy Birthday, Amanda!

To make up for the lack of pictures last month, we have lots of shots from June. She now knows what the camera is and will say, "Mommy, take my picture!" "Smiiiiiiilllllle!"

Her birthday was a big topic of conversation all month. "Birthday coming! I'll be TWO! Blow out the candles!" And then she would sing Happy Birthday to various members of her class at day care. ("Oppy bidday DOO JOO. Oppy bidday dear Ava!")

Amanda has a life-size plush Dora doll (thanks, Katie!) and loves to have Dora play with her. Dora goes down the slide ("Whee, Dora!"), Dora holds a drumstick and bangs on the drum with Amanda ("Good job, Dora!"), and one day, in a "too much of a good thing" episode, Dora sat on the couch under the Dora blanket to watch Dora on TV with Amanda. Amanda was incredibly excited to tell us that "D-D-Dora is watching D-D-Dora!"

Amanda continued to work on her astounding fashion sense this month. She still wears mismatched socks (one day, she even went with only 1 sock), and now also picks out whatever shirt and shorts she wants, too. She has a knack for finding the only 2 pieces of clothing in the drawer that do not match. Thanks to our hand-me-downs from Samantha and Emma, we have a lot of denim shorts, which go with anything-- even something Amanda picks out.

Amanda is a big talker and now talks in complete sentences. She can be descriptive and distinguish between asking for a "sippy cup", a "big girl cup", or a "straw cup" and she is also very particular about the color she gets. Every sentence now begins with "I want..." All day we hear, "I want it." "I want more." "I want all done." And the ever popular, "I want don't want it."

One of her newer phrases cracks us up. Upon being handed something or discovering something in plain sight, she exclaims in surprise, "Oooh, look what my find!"

Let's Draw Outside!

We opened up our new sidewalk chalk this month,
combining two of her greatest loves: drawing and outside.



Amanda thought she found a good place to sit, until she got up... (Thank goodness for Stain Stick!)

Isn't She Smurfy?

Amanda discovers blue frosting


REAL Ducks!

Amanda had a hard time placing them in her mind because we were calling them ducks, but they were not bright yellow!
Luckily, they were vocal and quacked, confirming for Amanda that they were, in fact, ducks.



Meet Baby Charlie and Baby Ricky!

Charlie is the son of our friends Wes and Lea. He was born on June 8.

One side of his crib is elevated, so they rigged a sling-type apparatus to keep him from sliding down.
He was also having a little trouble breathing, so he is hooked to a machine that will alert them if he stops.


Ricky is the son of our friends and neighbors Tom and Yupin. He was born on June 26.


While Lea and Yupin were pregnant, Amanda would say that they had babies in their bellies, and that the baby would come out and see Amanda. She was right! Now we are waiting for Merrie's baby to do the same in October!

Punky Brewster Revival!

Sing along: "Every time I turn around; I see the girl that turns my world around; Standing there..."


Same shirt, different day, still no match.
There's not one piece of matching clothing on her body, down to the lime green barrette she chose to wear in her hair.
That takes talent.

Helmet Head

Or "Olmet" Head, depending on your accent.


These pictures were taken at breakfast ("beppas") the morning after a trip to Toys R Us, where Amanda got,
in addition to her new bike helmet, her birthday balloon. Does life get better?

Happy Father's Day!
Amanda was so excited to give Aleck his card and present that she practically had to open them for him!


"Daddy, read it! You see it, Daddy? You see the card?"


"Here's your present Daddy. Let me help you open it."


"Oooh, Daddy! Look what my find!"


Lots of love for Daddy

You Can Never Have Too Many Doras


On the left, a post-nap/ still-waking-up Amanda watches Dora on TV with her plush Dora, while wearing her Dora backpack and cuddling under her Dora blanket. On the right, Amanda poses with her 2 best friends (luckily, they are not phased by her outfit).


Amanda had a fantastic birthday and wore her "princess crown" all day long.


The arts and crafts table was a popular spot. Amanda, Hannah, and Adeline all got in on it:



Emma and Samantha show off their handiwork

Hannah got inked!


What's a party without bubbles?

Carly and Scott can't get enough






Be On The Lookout For These Suspicious Faces

Amanda: Stole fire from the candles

Brought rogue balloon to the party

Popped all the bubbles

Attempted to elude the law by hiding behind a pig

Attempted a diversion by walking upright
Attempted to abduct Dora
Repeat escapee from the party

Kept her lips sealed
Stole Amanda's heart
Received birthday action a day too early

Attempted to eat the animals

Go Right to the Source

She has somewhat abandoned the snack chair in favor of eating her snack right in the pantry.
She likes to go in there and close the doors as much as she can, then open them wide and say, "Good morning!"


And no, she's not wearing matching socks. One is white and the other is purple.

See all of these pictures and oh so many more at our photo gallery

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