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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

June 2009


This was the month of the never-ending birthday for Amanda. Her party was held the weekend prior to her birthday, meaning that there was nothing but birthday talk all week following. Her birthday was on a Sunday, and we celebrated all day long. The celebration continued on the following day at camp, where Amanda shared popsicles and goody bags with all of her friends. She refused to accept that her birthday was over after only one day and continued to wear the birthday sunglasses for days.

We went to the doctor for her 3 year check up and learned that while she's on the small side for her age, she's growing at a steady rate. She weighs 27 pounds (putting her in the 16th percentile) and is 35 and a half inches tall (13th percentile). She also impressed the doctor with her knowledge of colors, letters, and her motor skills.

We had a very busy month aside from her birthday, including a visit from Amanda's cousin Matty all the way from California. We also celebrated Ian's high school graduation (with a moon bounce!), Faren's birthday (with a piņata filled with candy!), and had playtime with Maggie and Sean. Preschool ended for the year and magically turned into camp. Amanda went from being a Hippo at school to a Gum Drop at camp (moving from the 2 year old class to the 3 year olds).

Countdown to Baby Bam continues, with Amanda getting more and more excited about her. She routinely comes up to Stacey and says she wants to give hugs to Bam, and hugs Stacey's belly (but not Stacey) and she is now making up songs to sing to her. On the first day of summer, Amanda came up to Stacey's belly and said, in a sing-song voice, "Bam, it's summer. You're coming out in summer!" She also counts Bam as a separate person, saying that there are 3 girls living in the house right now instead of only 2.

And, from the "I should have listened to her" file: Amanda has been saying for months that she would make on potty when she was 3. Stacey was skeptical and had basically lost all hope, already declaring that she would never even attempt to train Bam until age 7 after this experience. However, on the morning of her birthday, Amanda asked to wear underwear. She had very few accidents the first couple of days and has been doing quite well. They don't even put her in a pull-up during nap at camp and she wakes up dry. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles!


A Visit From Uncle Menko and Matty!

Amanda was so excited to have one of her big cousins here for a week. She wanted to do everything that he did, and he was so good about letting her copy him. Matty also did a lot of fun sightseeing to museums.


Cousin See, Cousin Do




Playing with Little People just like they have at Oma and Opa's house


Putting out fires together

**Overheard this month**

"When I grow up, I want to be a fighter-fighter."



Trip to the Aquarium: They saw fish and sharks and sting-rays!

And after Amanda goes to bed for the night, Aunt Stacey gets some cuddle time with Matty.

Congratulations, Ian! Off to College...

Here's the happy graduate, covered in silly string, with some friends and his big brother to thank for it.

Beth was kind enough to get a moonbounce just for Amanda (or so Amanda liked to believe).

This was Amanda's first time trying one out and, as Stacey predicted, she loved it.

Moonbounce Video 1 (25 seconds)
Moonbounce Video 2 (33 seconds)



There was also a trampoline! Does life get better for a girl who loves to jump?


"All My Cousins"

Amanda had all of her cousins gathered in one place. This hasn't happened since December 2004 (when Matty was less than a year old) and, we figured, probably won't happen again until Amanda's Bat Mitzvah.

School's Out For Summer
At the end of the school year, each preschool class got up to sing a song. Amanda was much more interested in the strings hanging from her shirt than in singing a song. However, she did cross the bridge from the 2008-2009 school year to the 2009-2010 one.
Click on either picture for a video of Amanda "crossing the bridge" into the next school year

**Overheard this month**

"I live in the Hippos class."
Here Comes Summer Camp!
A few days after school was over, the space was magically transformed into camp.
  A staple of every day at camp is Water Play, where the kids play in the sprinklers.
  They also have "silly science" demonstrations, yummy snacks, and lots of fun!
  Each week there's a fun dress up day.
Here's Amanda on Crazy Hair Day with a pony mohawk (or a "pohawk" as we called it).
Having Some Friends Over to Play


Sean and his parents, Merrie and Chris, came to visit and play

Then a few days later, Maggie came over (Elijah was sick and stayed home)

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere!

Grandpa Dave and Aunt Lois came to visit and Amanda showed them all of her "bubble juice" toys


**Overheard this month**

"Pretty newsy."


First up, Amanda's birthday party (the week before her birthday)

Amanda had her party at Build A Bear Workshop, or as she calls it, "The Teddy Bear Store." A great time was had by all.

Amanda jumps her way into the store. She was just a little bit excited.


Amanda picks a bear for her and one for Bam, and then has them stuffed.




After all of the bears have been stuffed, they get their hearts. All of Amanda's friends were given 2 hearts to shake, hug, and kiss, and then gave one of their hearts to Amanda's bear. That's a lot of love in there!

Next, it's time to give those bears a good scrubbing.


Adam and Carly wash their bears (Carly made one for her brother Ethan, who was home sick)

Elijah waits his turn (holding his bear and Maggie's) while Faren uses the tub, and then Danny takes a turn


They've got hearts and clean fur, now they have clothes and are complete! Amanda picked out a Happy Birthday shirt for her bear (named "Bear") and a tye-dye tank top for Bam's bear (named "Bam Bear")


  Everyone got a birth certificate for their bear along with a house in which to carry it
(and they had a chance to color and decorate the house, too)


Here's the Gang in the Birthday Party Picture (l-r): Elijah, Maggie, Faren, Carly, Hannah, Danny, Amanda, Adam and Mayah
(Jack, Andy and Sean did not make it in the picture)
All that bear-making got us hungry for cupcakes, so we migrated to some tables, lit some candles and sang to the birthday girl!

It's Amanda's Birthday!

This was the first year that Amanda actually understood that her birthday was something special and she was really excited about it. It made the day a lot more fun for all of us. Aleck and Stacey usually get excited about her birthday and then feel a let down at the end of the day when she didn't seem to care about her birthday all day long.
This year... she expected (and received) star treatment.

The morning began with some presents.
Amanda received a fantastic present from her baby sister the night before her birthday, an Ariel nightgown.


She got Spiderman on a motorcycle from Matty and a Dora doll/backpack and hat from Emma and Samantha.

She also got new bathing suits from Oma and Opa and baby dolls from her friend Lexi.
After getting dressed, she opened one more present from Mommy and Daddy: a tee-ball set!
T-Ball Video 1 (11 seconds)
T-Ball Video 2 (21 seconds)
Is she a lefty? Maybe...
After knocking the whole tee over several times, Amanda discovers a way to anchor it.

**Overheard this month**

"I'm doin' baseball teams."
"I'm a baseball bat player!"

"I'm playing soccer things" (while playing with her tee-ball set)

Next was a trip to Toys R Us

Amanda received a coupon from the toy store and wanted to use it to buy a swing to hang from a tree in the front yard.

While there, she also got her birthday crown and balloon. The crown was a permanent fixture for the rest of the day.

The swing was not hung immediately, but that doesn't mean she can't sit in it, right?
Next up, Birthday Ice Cream Cones!
Stacey, always the bargain hunter, signed the family up for the Baskin Robbins Birthday club, giving both her and Amanda a free cone.


Lastly, Birthday Pizza

When we order pizza for delivery, we order it online and Aleck often uses his laptop. Amanda talked for days about wanting to order pizza on her birthday with her own laptop


But Wait, There's More! A Popsicle Celebration at Camp the Next Day!
Someone Else's Birthday? What's That?

Somewhere in the midst of Amanda's never-ending birthday celebration, she found time to celebrate her friend Faren's birthday.
Faren turned 4 and had a Rainbow themed party.


See all of these pictures and more, including Matty's trip to the Air & Space Museum and their trip to the Aquarium, at our photo gallery


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