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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

March 2008

This month, Amanda earned a new nickname: Jumperoo. Jumping is her main mode of transportation now. Ever since she figured out how to get both feet off the ground simultaneously, she's been a non-stop hopper. And she doesn't like to jump alone (who does, really?). "Amanda's jumping! Mommy jump! Mommy! Get up! MOMMY GET UP!" (Pause for decaffeinated Mommy.) "Mommy's jumping! Mommy's jumping with Amanda!"

Amanda has also started drinking out of a real cup without a lid and is using utensils more appropriately. She also loves to clean-- when we are wiping her hands and face after a meal, she demands a wipe for herself so she can "clean the floor" or "clean the (highchair) tray." However, Dora is still the be-all and end-all for Amanda. She routinely clambers onto the couch, gets in position and asks, "Watch D-D-Dora?" (She's not stuttering; she gets that from the theme song, which starts out, "Di-di-di-di-Dora.")

She's learning a lot of songs, too, and sings them on a continuous loop. When she gets to the end of the alphabet, she sings, "Now I know my ABCDEFG..." When she gets to the end of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, she just keeps going because the last line is also the first line!

Perhaps our favorite new development is what happens when she goes down for a nap or bedtime. She goes into the crib and then will spend anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour talking to herself, singing, reading a book out loud, or just making herself laugh. It takes all we have not to run in there and try to sneak a peek at what she's doing.

This month Amanda played with her East Coast cousins, some friends, celebrated her Daddy's birthday, went to the playground, and developed some new culinary tastes. And although her Oma and Opa came to visit and took lots of pictures, they didn't manage to make it in front of the camera themselves.


Hanging Out With Samantha and Emma
(Or, as they're known in this house, "MantnaEmma")



Emma and Amanda clean the place up while Samantha is riveted to Tapper (she was quite good, too!). Emma's vacuum is real and she actually used it in almost every room of the house. Thanks, Em!

Happy Birthday, Aleck!


Stacey puts the candles on the cake, Aleck blows them out, and Nathan shows his true feelings for Aleck.

Amanda made this St. Patrick's Day hat at school and proceeded to wear it at all times for the next several days until it had been repaired so many times that there was more scotch tape on it than paper. It somehow found a home in the dining room, which meant that every time she got in her chair, she had to wear the hat, giving it the feel of eating with the queen at the head of the table.


Here's the hat again... and her trusty wipe.

Trip to the Playground!

Amanda had a great time, but seemed to be asking the same question over and over...


Doesn't this thing go any faster?

While at the park, we ran into Stacey's coworker and his granddaughter Daria, who is a few months younger than Amanda (but several inches taller!)


The Clean Hands Burrito (The face is another story)


Amanda was introduced to the wondrous burrito this month, but will only eat it if someone else holds it for her. As a friend pointed out, "Wouldn't you prefer it that way, too?" She's got a point.

Now every evening when Amanda is told that we're getting ready for dinner, she asks hopefully, "Macaroni and cheese?" No, not tonight. "Burrito?" No, not tonight. *Exasperated sigh from Amanda as she walks away, dejected*

Big Girl Cup!

Click on either picture below to link to the video. (Video is 8 seconds.)


A Playdate with Adeline!


Adeline's Daddy used to work with Aleck. She is about 3 months older than Amanda and even though they don't really know each other, they had a blast. After playing at our house for a bit, we all headed over to:

Hannah's First Birthday!


Hannah looked beautiful for her party, but then changed into more sensible clothes since the dress made crawling rather difficult.

Aleck, Adeline's Daddy and Hannah's Daddy all used to work together. It was pointed out that the last time we were all together, none of us had kids yet or were even pregnant. It was a little surreal to try and remember life before kids.

Super Amanda

Stacey's friend Wendy made this bib for Amanda (and it is known in this house as "Wendy Bib"). Amanda loves it and on this day, she picked it out of a clean laundry basket and wanted to wear it as a fashion accessory (in her defense, her shirt was plain white and could use a little jazzing up). She then decided to turn it around and wear it like a cape, and thus became Super Amanda.

Amanda the Pop Culture Queen

Show me...

The Fonz

The Incredible Hulk

Flock of Seagulls

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