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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

MAY 2007

Chomp chomp-- Amanda finally got teeth this month! Two of them, even! And, now that she's an expert crawler, she was moved up to the next room at day care and no longer feels the shame of being the oldest kid in the infant room. She continues to work on walking, pulling up on everything she can (even things that are only an inch off the ground). Amanda also played with her brand new friend Hannah this month, and swam in the family's new pool!


Teething Bites.


They may not be highly visible, but they're there!

Future Sagehen


She will major in Pink Ball-ology

Amanda discovers yogurt


In an effort to help her gain a little weight, the doctor suggested full-fat baby yogurt. Amanda took to that daily ritual quite well. When she sees the yogurt container, she reaches for it and claps her feet (yes, her feet).


Amanda plays with (brand) new friend Hannah, born March 18, 2007

     Who's the new girl?                               She's kind of floppy...                         But I like her!

Love at first sight

Going Up


New Gates, Stat!

We weren't aware she could climb steps until now. We are not sure what else she can do, either, which is why we also installed toilet locks this month.

What to pick, what to pick? Which one will best fit into my mouth...?


Taking a Dip in the Pool



She finally got out, but her pruny feet paid the price.

Amanda helps Mommy go through the ads in the Sunday paper.

Oooh! A sale on yogurt!

Crazy Nap

Bunny may have won the fight, but Amanda fought valiantly with her hairbrush.

Play Time!


Eleven Month Photo Shoot




Have no fear- she still loves Orange Foot, but on this day, she was going for the frozen Orange Teether instead.

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