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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

November 2007

This month was filled with out of town visitors. Amanda's Uncle Piet and Aunt Stef came to spend some time, and also our remaining Ohio connection, the Collins family, came for Thanksgiving!

Sadly, Amanda's friend Jack next door (and his parents, John and Amy) moved away this month. Amanda already misses Jack, and still points to his house when we walk by and screams out, "Jack!"

Family Time with Piet and Stef


Amanda and Aunt Stef had never had a chance to meet until now, and Uncle Piet hasn't seen her in 6 months!

Aunt Stef arranges Amanda's animals in her order of battle and is a little unnerved when Amanda decides to walk away with the tiger, one of her most ferocious defenders.

A Trip To Cox Farms

We went to Cox Farms- a pumpkin and apple orchard open in the Fall- for some fun and games. Amanda REALLY enjoyed the slides.


First we went on what we thought was the big slide.

Then we spotted the GIANT SLIDE

Amanda and Mommy


Amanda and Daddy (Stacey is on the far left and Aleck and Amanda are next to her)


Uncle Piet (far left)


Aunt Stef



National Walk for the Homeless

We walked to benefit Stacey's workplace, Bread for the City (click for more info on them).



Amanda mostly slept for the homeless, but her heart was in the right place...

Barb, Chris, Katie and Cameron Invade Our Home!

Everyone had a great time playing and catching up with each other. Barb and Stacey relived old times shopping at the "good Giant" while Chris and Aleck played video games together in person as opposed to on the phone. And the kids got better acquainted (while Katie and Cameron got reacquainted with a lot of their old toys that are now on Amanda's shelf!)


Katie and Amanda roll around the house (left). Barb and Chris pretend to be tourists in Old Town.

Click on the picture of Amanda and Katie to see the wheels on the bus go... in circles! (Video is 42 seconds)


On a fluke warm day, we took a trip to the playground

Stacey assists Katie in making the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving (it was absolutely delicious!)

Bye Bye, Jack

Jack and his family joined us for Thanksgiving, and then the moving truck came by at 7:30 the next morning. We are sad to see them go, but are thankful for the fun we've had and for the friendships we've created. Here is a picture of us at Thanksgiving (l-r): Amy, Jack, Amanda, Stacey, and Aleck. John had already left to finish packing!

Amanda's Newest Acquisition: SLIDE!!

Click on either picture below to see Amanda sliding in action. (Video is 1:16 minutes)


An hour later...

A few days later, it is still a hit. Amanda then decided that her toys, slippers, etc. should get in on the action.


More Family Time with Samantha, Emma, Uncle Steve, Aunt Michelle, and Grammy


Amanda loves her cousins, but sometimes can't quite figure out what they are doing.

Amanda ropes Emma and Uncle Steve into sitting on the step with her (see below for more of an explanation)

Sliding Into Grammy

Amanda makes use of her cousins' slide, which is the same one she has


Check out that static head! The magnetism of it draws Samantha in from the slide.

Sittin' on the Stairs, Swingin' My Feet

This is one of Amanda's newest favorite activities. She likes to sit on the bottom step and swing her feet. But that's not all. Everyone else in the room (often including Luna) needs to join her on the step. Once accomplished, she bounces up and down and claps her hands with glee. Then she gets up and walks away, leaving the rest of us sitting on the step and looking at us like we're crazy for just sitting there. Go figure.


Notice her patting the seat next to her, beckoning you to join her. How can you say no?

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