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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm


Amanda discovered her hands this month and they are now her favorite toy.
She also loves to kick her feet and is happiest when you hold her so she can stand up.
And incredibly, she's growing so fast that during the week we were in California, we had to buy new sleepers since she'd outgrown the ones we brought!

We took Amanda on her first plane ride to California to visit Oma and Opa and to meet Uncle Piet. She did great on the flights, sleeping most of the way and had a blast during the trip. Adjusting back to East Coast time is another story...

While in California, Amanda played, played and played some more. She got to meet her Uncle Piet (center), played with Daddy (right) and got in some quality time with Oma and Opa. She learned to LOVE the stroller, thanks to long walks with Oma, and also got worn out by the Lundes. And as the pictures below suggest, she also got some attitude. These photos prove that she really is our daughter.

Back at home, we are opening up some new toys. She's a little too young for it, but since she loves to stand so much, we decided to try out the Exersaucer. She seems to like it, but doesn't really know what to do with the toys around her.


Despite that big smile on her face, Amanda was as sad as the rest of us to see Jen move to the Big Apple. Good luck, Jen! We'll miss you here in DC, but we know you'll come visit. Seriously, you can't stay away from Amanda for THAT long, right?

Let's Play!


A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch!


Amanda's friend Elijah was also picking out pumpkins with her.


Amanda the Hunter

First, she checks out her hunting duds. Peacefully, she waits on the quilt, lulling the pink bunny into a false sense of security.

 Then she grabs hold, takes a taste, and goes in for the kill. The poor bunny never saw it coming.


Amanda the (Unsuccessful) Escape Artist

You can see her little foot trying to make its way out of the crib during nap time. But alas, those bars CAN hold her.

Amanda the Pumpkin on Halloween

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