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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm


This has been a very busy month resulting in a plethora of pictures. The weather has been unseasonably warm and it still feels like summer. This is good for Amanda, who loves to be outside. It is not uncommon for her to hand us our shoes and then go to the door with a very hopeful look on her face, making noises that we interpret as, "Outside? Please?"

Amanda is now in the toddler room at day care, which is structured more like preschool. They do arts and crafts, learn letters and colors, and have more organized activities. It was a rough transition for Amanda, who had grown close to the teachers in the previous room, but she is now thriving in this new, more appropriate environment.

Her vocabulary is also growing by leaps and bounds daily. She recently started saying "snack" and "night-night" (two of her favorite times of day). She also got an animal playset and now says "animals," and can identify and say "giraffe," "koala," "iguana," "elephant," and "alligator," among others.

Outside? Please?




Mommy Gives In


Apple Picking Expedition

We went to an apple orchard with Jee Hang, Marie, and Hannah (who is 6 months old now)




Sleepy girls after a hard day at work


Amanda sat with this pumpkin for several minutes and seemed really taken with it. It wasn't until Aleck went over to her did he realize that because of the slope of the ground, she was stuck there!

The Ill-Fated Pony Ride

At the city's Fall Family Festival, Amanda rode on a pony for the first time.


She didn't like it.

Scarecrow and Baby Amanda

Another activity at the Festival was making a scarecrow. Amanda liked this much better.


Amanda helped fill the clothes with hay. One. Piece. At. A. Time.

Back at home, they have become close friends.


We ran into Amanda's friend Lexi at the Festival, too (she's 3 and loved the pony rides).

 Sliding Into Fall

Amanda's favorite part of the Festival, by far, was the playground and the toddler-sized slide.

Push It. Push It Real Good.


It's Sock-tastic!


Oh yes, she is still in charge of her socks each morning.

And Sox-tastic!

Amanda models her Red Sox outfit, courtesy of Merrie and Chris.
Congrats, Red Sox! Amanda knew you could do it all along.


Amanda's friend Elijah just became a big brother to baby sister Maggie. Elijah had a hard time getting used to the idea at first, so we took him and Amanda to one of his favorite places, the zoo, to help take his mind off of things.


There are lots more pictures of animals in the photo gallery.

Kicking Back and Enjoying the Ride

Dance Fever

We walked past a shop that was playing music for all to hear. Amanda just couldn't stop herself.
Check out the video of her getting down. (Video is 20 seconds. Make sure you have sound!)


At least she's got the fork in her hand...


Amanda and Luna, Friends at Last

Now that Amanda eats desirable food, like Goldfish crackers, Luna has become an ever-present, though incredibly patient, companion. Luna and Amanda both know that food directly on the floor is for Luna. Take a look at this video of snack time to see how well they both follow this rule. (Video is 2 minutes.)

Pumpkin Picking


Family picture: Take 1
Which one to pick? This one has a great shape but the other one has a handle...
Family Picture: Take 2
This is it! The perfect pumpkin! I'll nab it before anyone else can take it! It's THE one. Just let me pick it up. It's a little heavy.

OK. New plan. Perfect, schmerfect. This one is already off the ground. Let's grab it and go.

Picking up a piece of hay for Mr. Scarecrow

Family Picture: Take 3. Success!

Halloween! Meet Amanda the Ladybug

In the morning, Amanda tried on her costume for a dry run. The bulkiness of it did not stop her from rocking on her horse.

Parade at Day Care


Amanda's school held a parade and parents were welcome to attend. Aleck went and, as soon as Amanda saw him, she started crying and set off a bit of a chain reaction. The picture on the right shows other kids from Amanda's class, including another, happier, ladybug.

Amanda was marginally happier once Aleck rescued her from the parade.

Trick or Treat!



Amanda went trick or treating with Jack (Nemo) and Elijah (Scary Lion)

Click to see a behind-the-scenes video of the group picture (Video is 30 seconds.)

It's best to watch the video twice: once without sound and once with.

Can You Hear Me Now?


Not every picture can be a winner...


See all of these pictures and many, many more at our photo gallery

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