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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm


Amanda has begun to talk, though only her parents can interpret what she says (and it has to be in context and even then it's iffy). Stacey's heart was overflowing as Amanda kept repeating "Maaaama" until she realized that Amanda was merely saying her own name. She also says the dog's name (Na-na), duck, book, back (as in putting something back in its place), rock (as in her rocking chair), and of course, sock. They all sound very similar and start with the letter "B",  but usually she's holding or pointing to the object, which makes it easier to decipher.

Her hair is getting thicker, and therefore, more and more red. She is also cutting her molars, though still only has 6 teeth up front. If you ask her, she'll show you where her nose, mouth, ears, belly, hands, feet, socks, shoes, and teeth are, and then be kind enough to point them all out on your body, too.

Sit On It

Amanda loves this booster seat, whether or not there is food involved. She has always loved to put things "in and out" and now she loves to put herself in and out of this chair. She will play for an hour just sitting down and getting up over and over again.




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Havurah Picnic

Through the temple, we joined a Havurah, a small group of families with a common interest. In our case, it's made up of a total of 4 families with young children. The other children are a 2 year old girl, two 3 year old girls, and an 11 month old boy. Amanda enjoyed playing with them all, and the other kids really liked the bubble machine. Amanda, as you can see in the bottom pictures, preferred to keep her distance outside and play with her own bubble contraption.



It's About Time She Started Earning Her Keep!



Ok, Ok, she does get time to play, too... with a toy vacuum. (We don't want her to get rusty!)

Slinky Time!



The Slinky has defeated Amanda in her quest to return it to the box.

"Ummm, it won't let me put it back."

"Rock Rock!"

Except for the fact that this is not a rocking chair. My genius.

The Unstoppable Amanda In Action

She is a toy-hopper, indeed


Having fun at home


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