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  Our "New" House

In October 2004, we closed on our house and spent the next month getting it ready for us to live in. We painted and removed wallpaper and painted and changed the carpet and painted and changed light fixtures and painted a bit more. We finally moved in on November 19, 2004. There are a few things we are resigned to living with for the time being, however, like the pink bathroom (you've got to see the pictures) and the yellow kitchen countertop. Repainting the mustard yellow exterior trim is also on our to-do list.

The house was built in 1961 and, despite a horrific amount of beige paint and vertigo-inducing wallpaper, is in pretty good shape structure-wise.

Thanks to Chris, Merrie, Kelly and Mark for helping paint. Special thanks to Menko, who came out from Ohio the weekend we moved in to serve as our electrician, and to our parents, who have contributed to the home makeover in one way or another.


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