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  There's a Baby on the Way!

On or about July 16th, 2006, we will be parents! We found out that it's going to be a GIRL, breaking the streak of boys in Aleck's family (the last 7 children born in his family have been boys). Here are some ultrasound pictures. In the one on the left, she is laying with her head on the right and her legs outstretched on the left (we decided she's relaxing in her very own hammock). The one on the right is a profile of her face on the left and part of her chest on the right (and that might be a hand in motion moving toward her mouth). These were taken February 22, 2006 at about 19 and a half weeks.



Here is Stacey's growing belly, which appears to have popped by 24 weeks and continues to grow (and contain a very active baby!): 








17 weeks 20 weeks

24 weeks

    28 weeks 32 weeks

36 weeks


And thanks to Barb for this ingenious idea to help make regular jeans last a few weeks longer (though unfortunately can no longer contain the belly).