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 There's Another GIRL on the Way!

On or about August 5, 2009, we will be parents again and Amanda will be a Big Sister! Of course, if Amanda's birth was any indication, this baby could come as early as July 15, so it's anyone's guess.

Amanda won the pool by guessing that there was a girl in there. She got to come to the final ultrasound and see the baby through the "special camera" that we had been talking about. However, Bam had her hands and feet covering her face for most of the time and Amanda couldn't get a clear view of anything. We only got one picture from this ultrasound. We did see Bam's tush, though, and Amanda definitely thought that was a highlight.

30 Week Ultrasound Picture

Here's a close up of her face (on the right side of the picture). She's looking out at you; her right eye is at the top and her big, fat cheek is just below it.


20 Week Ultrasound Pictures

On the left: The baby's profile. What looks like a bubble in front of her face is actually one of her hands.
On the right: Creepy 4D image. We didn't ask for the 4D image and didn't particularly want it, but here it is.
We didn't get a "money shot" picture to prove that it's a girl, so, as with the previous pregnancy, Stacey is still skeptical that it really is a girl in there.


11 Week Ultrasound Pictures
These are from a routine test at 11 weeks to look for possible signs of abnormalities (of which there were none).

In the picture on the left, you can see the baby's profile. That's a hand up by its head.
On the right... cue the X-Files theme.


6 Week Ultrasound Picture

Here's the little thing at only 6 weeks. We got to see the heartbeat here and confirm a viable pregnancy.


At 15 Weeks (mid February 2009): Stacey is starting to show, and has reluctantly begun wearing maternity clothes. She is very upset by how much more comfortable they are than just wearing regular clothes in a larger size. She suffered morning sickness (though in the evening) for the first 3 months, along with an aversion to meat. Thankfully, both of those distractions have passed and now she's able to focus on more important things, like how to throw a 3 year old's birthday party when you're 34 weeks pregnant (yes, she's a planner. Is anyone surprised?).

At 18 Weeks (early March 2009): Stacey has decided that she is actually feeling movement from inside (and not just gas bubbles). Sleeping is getting more difficult... for Aleck. Stacey has surrounded herself with pillows large and small to get positioned in just the right way. She also thinks that the size of her belly is about 20% baby and 80% ice cream. The baby now also has an official in-utero nickname (given by her big sister): Bam.

At 20 weeks (mid March 2009): The ultrasound shows that it's a girl! And Stacey feels the first strong, solid kicks. Later in the week, Aleck can feel her, too. Amanda has started to "save" things for the baby, like her old, worn out socks that are too small.

At 23 weeks (early April 2009): We are past the "pregnant or just fat?" stage! Stacey's belly has definitely popped, and there is now no mistaking that she's pregnant. Strangers have commented on her pregnancy for the first time this week.

At 24 weeks (mid April 2009): Bam kicked hard enough for Stacey to see her belly move from the outside. Despite having been through this before, Stacey was still pretty grossed out by it.

At 25 weeks (late April 2009): The midwife confirms Stacey's suspicions that Bam is lying VERY low, which explains why no one but Aleck has been able to feel her move, as Stacey is not a fan of letting other people stick their hands down her pants.

At 27 weeks (early May 2009): The family takes a road trip to Ohio. 10 hours in the car each way (stopping every hour for Stacey to pee). Stacey declares that there will be no more road trips for the rest of the pregnancy. (Although, she greatly appreciates the prenatal massage that she received for Mother's Day.)

At 28 weeks (mid May 2009): Stacey is starting to experience some of the less-glamorous aspects of pregnancy as she enters the 3rd trimester, such as heartburn and leg cramps, as well as a fair amount of ligament pain. She also has to pee often. Very often. Amanda continues to be excited about her baby sister and loves to point out all of the things that Bam will use, like the pacifiers and baby spoons. She is also set on buying baby food at the grocery store each time we go so that Bam will have something to eat.

At 29 weeks (mid May 2009): A weekly volunteer at Stacey's office said to her, "I don't think I'll see you again before the baby comes. I won't be here next week." Next week?! Stacey finds this alternately hysterically funny and slightly offensive. Sure, she's getting bigger, but certainly not big enough to go into labor.

At 30 weeks (late May 2009): Stacey goes in for another ultrasound to get a measurement of the spine that eluded the technician a few weeks ago. All looks good and Bam appears to be right on schedule. Amanda accompanied Stacey to the appointment in an attempt to have her see her baby sister. Unfortunately, Bam had her hands and feet covering her face the whole time, meaning that Amanda could not make out anything on the screen. She was more concerned with, "Why are you up on that table?" and "What's that thing on your belly?"

At 30 weeks (late May 2009): Amanda meets her newborn neighbor, Sophie, and is thoroughly uninterested after 30 seconds of watching her sleep. The good news is that she was not at all upset to see Stacey holding the baby.

At 31 weeks (early June 2009): During the hottest 2 weeks of the month, the air conditioning in Stacey's office is broken. Although there are 3 fans aimed at her desk, she considers calling OSHA to check the current regulations.

At 32 weeks (early June 2009): Stacey completes the hunt for best bargains on diapers in bulk, and purchases mega-packs in 3 different sizes (from 3 different retailers). There's something to be said for having been through this before and knowing the brands that you like. Stacey decides that although every baby is different, she feels much more prepared this time around. Being the bargain shopper that she is, she continues to watch the sales to stock up on key items when the price is right.

At 33 weeks (mid June 2009): The bin of newborn clothes migrates from the basement to the nursery. Also Amanda meets Hannah's baby brother Nathaniel and is nonplussed with the sleeping newborn. Stacey and Aleck are not sure if this is a good sign or not.

At 34 weeks (late June 2009): Aleck is grossed out to see Stacey's belly shift and quiver from across the room. Oh yes, Bam is a mover and a shaker already. She also gets the hiccups frequently, as well as lots of hugs from her big sister. Amanda is also learning a lot about babies from various books and conversations with her parents. She (loudly) informed one of her teachers that "Bam will drink from Mommy's boobies" and was kind enough to point to Stacey's chest to illustrate her point. Also this week, Bam endears herself to her big sister with a very thoughtful birthday present.

At 35 weeks (early July 2009): The air conditioning in Stacey's office still only works intermittently. She decides that they will probably fix it for good the day after she leaves.

At 36 weeks (mid July 2009): The hospital bag is packed, the nursery is ready for an occupant, and Stacey is wrapping things up at work. Amanda is very excited and has decided that her baby sister, whose name she knows will begin with R, will be named Rooster. She asks almost daily if the baby is coming out today.

At 37 weeks (mid July 2009): Stacey is VERY anxious to get this baby out. The air conditioning in her office is still out and although there are daily rumors that it is about to be replaced, no workman has been spotted on the premises. The doctor checks to see how dilated she is and informs her that she is "closed up tight." He also said that if she goes to 40 weeks, the baby could be 7 lbs. No one ever thought that Stacey would be eagerly awaiting the arrival of pain in the form of contractions. The highlight of the week: prenatal massage. Heaven.

At 38 weeks (late July 2009): After 2 months, the air conditioning at work is finally fixed, which Stacey thought for sure would herald the start of labor, but no such luck. The doctor says they won't let her go past 41 weeks.

At 39 weeks (late July 2009): Stacey is told by the midwife that she is 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced and that she should go into labor any day now. Of course, Bam has her own agenda. The doctor takes pity on Stacey and allows her to schedule an induction for the day after her due date. Stacey also finished working this week and is now frantically looking for things she can do from her perch on the couch.

At 40 weeks (early August 2009): Stacey cannot believe that she is still pregnant, but looks forward to being induced on the 6th. As she waddles about the house trying to stay busy, Bam continues to exert her independence and strong-willed nature by choosing to not come any earlier than is absolutely necessary.

At 40 weeks and 1 day (August 6, 2009): Robin (AKA Bam) is born! Stacey was induced that morning. Here's a quick recap of things:
8:00 am: Arrive at the hospital, complete check-in paperwork, and be taken to a labor and delivery room, where she and Aleck are joined by Karyn, Joke, David and Lois, who wait patiently for labor to progress (but who will leave the room promptly before any delivery begins).
11:15 am: Orders for pitocin (to induce labor) are finally given and Stacey starts receiving the medicine.
1:30 pm: Despite slow-moving labor, Stacey is granted her wish of an epidural. Unfortunately, this makes her formerly consistent contractions change to an uneven pattern.
From 1:30-5:30 pm: Stacey is trapped in the bed, not allowed to eat or drink anything, and listening to women all around her giving birth. The doctor comes to check and notes that Stacey has dilated only one centimeter to almost 4 (fully dilated is 10). He decides that they will break her water to speed things up. Stacey decides that the baby will probably be born on Sunday the 9th- three days from now.
From 5:30-7:30 pm: Stacey waits and waits for the midwife to return to break her water. She is of the belief that the babies who are being born today will grow up, get pregnant and have their own babies before Bam is born.
7:30 pm: Water is broken!
9:00 pm: Stacey is quite concerned to realize that she is in pain and that she can feel the contractions coming now. She calls in a nurse, who determines that the epidural has run out (WHAT?!) and that she must go get another dose. Along with the nurse comes the midwife, who checks Stacey's progress and finds that she is fully dilated and ready to push-- she can see the top of the baby's head. Stacey screams, for the first time ever in this process, "Slow Down!"
9:15 pm: With a renewed epidural, Stacey gives 3 big pushes and in less than 10 minutes, a baby comes out. The cord was wrapped loosely around her neck and the midwife was able to untangle it without incident.
9:24 pm: Robin is born!




16 weeks

20 weeks

24 weeks

28 weeks


32 weeks

36 weeks

38 weeks

40 weeks, 1 day- Delivery Day!


Taking Tips from Baby Sean already

Thanks to Merrie for the loan of this shirt (and some other clothes). It's a Red Sox shirt, and on the belly is a baseball surrounded by the words "Future "Future Fan."