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Aleck and Stacey Johnson
May 8, 2004

While the guests enjoyed food and drink during the cocktail hour, the ceremony room was reset to accommodate the reception.

The Reception













After being introduced, the band began to play their song,
Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"

They did the fox trot, some swing, and even had a dip!

Those dance lessons sure paid off!


Up we go!

Then the moms, and then the dads
This hora did not end-- we kept dancing, so the band kept playing; the band kept playing so we kept dancing! They pretty much wiped us all out, yet we somehow found the strength to go on







There was dancing, and more dancing, and apparently, some singing.



Everyone sat down for dinner and to listen to toasts. We had quite a few toasts, and through some miscommunication with the kitchen staff, dinner was not served until after the toasts were finished (instead of during, which was the original plan). Our apologies to everyone about the extra-late meal, but you can't say you weren't warned!







Everyone said such wonderful things about us. Maybe because we offered to fill their gas tanks before the drive home the next day?


Standing in for Uncle Nat, Steven did the blessing
over the bread prior to the meal being served.

Dinner was finally served, and at its conclusion, the cake was cut. As it turns out, the cake's close proximity to the dance floor during the hora (when 119 people were jumping up and down on the floor) was not a good idea. Though neither Stacey nor Aleck saw this, the cake nearly fell over. Eventually, the best man came through and had it resolved (they don't call him the best man for nothing). It appears that one of the columns had started to lean further and further over. The good news (and our little secret) is that the top two layers of cake were actually styrofoam cubes covered in icing, making them a lot lighter than cake and much less likely to actually topple over. Phew! And as you can see, it was upright and ready when we went to cut it.

Mmmmm, chocolate peanut butter crunch cake

Wait, you have some crumbs there-- let me help you get them


We did the mezinka, which is when the group dances around the parents whose last child is being married off. In the middle were Karyn, Ron and David, since Stacey is the last child of theirs.

Now everybody dance- Freestyle!

After a quick shoe change, Stacey is ready to lead the conga line! Hot Hot Hot!


It was an incredible night and we'd like to thank everyone who made it possible. Most importantly, to the people who corrected all of the wrongs before we had a chance to see them and stress over them. You are truly the ones who made this night the best it could be!

It was a quick stop over at a bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania on our way home Monday afternoon, and then back to work and off to the thank you notes!

Oops-- we forgot the bouquet and garter toss! Oh well-- maybe next time...


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