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The wedding is taking place in Binghamton, NY, which, from the map below, you can tell is pretty much centrally located in the middle of nowhere.  Fortunately, since it's a small town, once you get to Binghamton, it's not too far from the hotel (where you'll probably be staying) to Karyn and Ron's building (where we're having a party Friday night) or to the Binghamton Club (where the wedding and reception will take place).  So, once you make it to Binghamton, you're pretty much set.

Binghamton, NY -- Equally Inconvenient from Anywhere in the Eastern United States! (and even more inconvenient from the West Coast!)



To the Hotel (2-8 Hawley Street) from the South
Route 83 North to Route 81 North.
Take the Binghamton Exit (#4) off of 81. At the end of the ramp, merge onto NY363. Follow NY363 to Washington St and take a right. The Holiday Inn Arena is at the end of the street on the left.  

To the Hotel (2-8 Hawley Street) from the Airport
Take the airport exit on to Airport Road (CR-69).  Go 3 miles, then merge on to 17 East.  After 2 miles, take the exit for US-11 (Front St.).  Turn right on Front St., then, after a mile, turn left on Main St.  Take an immediate right on Hawley and the hotel is right there. 



There really isn't any public transportation in Binghamton, so you're pretty much out of luck if you don't have a car and actually want to get out of town (however, there'll be lots of wedding guests also seeking to leave Binghamton, so you shouldn't have too much trouble hitching a ride).  Fortunately, wedding events are close together, so if you want to walk from event to event, you'll be fine.

To The Binghamton Club (83 Front Street) from the Hotel
Make a left out of the hotel parking lot and make the first left at the light. Go to the next light, Front Street, and make a left. The Binghamton Club will be on your right. The entrance to the parking lot will be just past the building. There will also be street parking.  It's .28 miles, so it's an easy walk -- if you're not wearing wedding shoes.

To Karyn and Ron's (5 Riverside Drive) from the Hotel
Make a right out of the parking lot and turn right at the first street (Washington Street). Take it until it ends at Riverside Drive. Make a right onto Riverside Drive, go through one light and the building is in the next block on the left. You can park on the street—don’t park in the building’s driveway or you will get towed.   It's .6 miles, door to door, so unless you're lazy like us, you'll be able to walk it.

From the Ceremony to the Reception
Turn around and go back to the same room where the ceremony was. Look surprised as if you've never seen this room before. It will add to the magic.

From the Hotel to the Vestal Parkway
Make a right out of the parking lot and bear right onto State Street. Continue on State Street and continue to 434 West.

Home Wedding Details Wedding Party Directions