Ketubah, etc
Married Life

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Aleck and Stacey Johnson
May 8, 2004

Driving back to Virginia after the wedding, Aleck said to Stacey, "Wife, I expect there to be a hot meal on the table when I get home tonight," to which Stacey replied, "Ok, so are you going to call in pizza or Chinese?"

Married Life

So far, married life is pretty much the same as living-in-sin life. Aleck still stays up late to play computer games and Stacey still runs the water in the sink while Aleck's in the shower. There have been some subtle changes, though. For instance, now we both use the ring holder by the kitchen sink. 

There are a few things we are struggling with now that the wedding is over. Stacey worked so hard on her wedding planner and can't bear to simply toss it out, yet there isn't a whole lot of extra room (let alone reason) to keep it. The same goes for the multitude of extra yarmulkes, programs, and invitations. The extra Spiedie sauce, however, is no problem.

We are excited to have grown-up things now, like drinking glasses that all match and knives that can easily break the skin of a tomato. We now have enough china to serve 12 people! Unfortunately, our table still only seats four.

Post-Wedding Home

We are quickly incorporating items of importance from our wedding into the house. We hung the quilt and also the mezuzah. The vial on the mezuzah holds pieces of the glass that Aleck broke during the ceremony. Our ketubah is being framed as you read this.












Our Dog-ger

Luna is very happy to no longer be an illegitimate child. She's adjusting well to the marriage, which is more than we can say about her adjustment to the new wood floors. But she takes it all in stride, and is significantly more bold now that we brought home some area rugs. We've had Luna for 2 years now and she is our test. If we can keep her alive, we can probably manage children one day. It was a big risk given that all other living beings (mostly plants) die in our care. It's so bad that we can't even maintain fake plants.




The Next Chapter

The next chapter is yet to come. Within the next year, we hope to move into a new (larger) house with the intention of staying a while and expanding our family. We're looking for a place where we can entertain more than 2 people at a time (so far there's always one person who doesn't get the joke-- ha ha). We'd like a home where you can't stand in one spot and claim to be in the dining room, living room, foyer, and Stacey's "office" all at once. And lastly, a place where we can fit a king size bed to insure a good  night's sleep for all of us-- Aleck, Stacey... and Luna, who, for such a little dog, takes up an awful lot of space on the bed!

But don't worry. As soon as there's anything new in our lives, you'll be the first to know. Honest.

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