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Aleck and Stacey Johnson
May 8, 2004

For those of you who were not able to be at the wedding (and even those of you who were), here are the highlights of the day. It did rain and it was cold, but the wedding went off with just the one (intended) hitch! We did all of our posed portraits prior to the ceremony to get them out of the way, and then we went straight to the Binghamton Club for the ceremony and reception.

There was a little bit of drama leading up to this point, not the least of which consisted of Stacey's dress being completely re-altered when she got to Binghamton on Wednesday afternoon, which was not the original plan. She took it to get pressed by a local seamstress and tried it on one more time just to be sure there were no buttons missing or hems coming loose.  All was well until the seamstress decided that it had been sewn all wrong for her. While Stacey was standing up on the pedestal, feeling like a princess in front of the three-way mirror, the seamstress said, "Are you happy with the way this looks?" and proceeded to yank out her seam ripper and rip the seams of the dress! While Stacey was wearing it! Three days before the wedding! Karyn nearly passed out and Stacey was frozen in fear. But ultimately, she was right and the dress had not been properly fitted the first time. And god bless her, she did the whole thing on time and perfectly. In the end, everyone was praising her talent, and also making a mental note to, in the future, bring garments to her well in advance of the date you hope to wear them to avoid near heart attacks.

Also, two weeks before the wedding, the tuxedo shop had lost Aleck's measurements and forgotten that Ron was a part of the wedding party and needed a tuxedo for the day. But again, miraculously, it all came out just fine and everyone had a tuxedo that fit them well.

Now, on to the good stuff. We begin with the...

Posed Portraits

The bride and groom




Ron, Karyn, Stacey, Aleck, Michelle and Steven

David, Lois, Aleck, Stacey, Michelle and Steven

Michelle, Emma, Samantha (standing), Steven, and Stacey



Pieter, Dick, Joke, Aleck, Stacey, Cami, Matty and Menko

The Bridesmaids

Allison (matron of honor), Cami, Stacey, Adeena and Michelle

The Flower Girls

Samantha and Emma


The Groomsmen

Menko, Chris (best man), Aleck, Pieter, Steven

The Entire Wedding Party

The pictures all went very well and everyone looked great! It did start pouring rain during the photo shoot, which took place at a different location than the wedding and reception, causing a little nervousness for the bride, but the rain all cleared up before she actually had to set foot outside. Hey, at least it wasn't snow! After this, it was on to the ceremony.

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