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Allison (Wu) Gingo, Matron of Honor: Stacey's best friend for about 17 years, confidant, comrade and ear to bend in times of need. She is gratefully returning the favor of being matron of honor after Stacey was her maid of honor in her August 2002 wedding.



Chris Collins, Best Man: Former colleague and neighbor, continuous camper and friend.  Enemy Down! Daddy to Katie and Cameron, who will be baseball playing gamers just like him one day if he has his way (but not if Barb has hers!)



Steven and Michelle Wions, Groomsman and  Bridesmaid: He is Stacey's brother. He is always teasing, but always there. He's a tax preparer extraordinaire (you can even ask Adeena!). She is Stacey's  sister-in-law (and Stacey was a bridesmaid in their wedding!) She is a former English teacher and now a full time mommy. Parents of Samantha and Emma, the Flower girls (below).



Menko and Cami Johnson,Groomsman and Bridesmaid: He is Aleck's older brother. He tames rowdy middle schoolers by day and plays the role of killer old fart by night. She is Aleck's sister-in-law and co-conspirator of our engagement. She is a perpetual fountain of new and gently used (though 100% helpful) wedding and bride books. They are  marooned in Columbus, Ohio and have just learned the joys of parenthood with the arrival of Mattheus Hsu-Ning on January 25, 2004!



Pieter Johnson, Groomsman: Aleck's younger brother. Distinguished and well respected Oakley-wearing biologist who sold his soul and became a Cheesehead for his Ph.D. Most educated Johnson brother.



Adeena Colbert, Bridesmaid: The one who introduced us; the best roommate I ever had and the one who taught me to always keep a box of brownie mix on hand for emergencies.




Samantha and Emma Wions, Flower girls: Stacey's nieces, who will be 4 and 2 at the time of the wedding. Lovers of SpongeBob and all things Aleck.



Home Wedding Details Wedding Party Directions