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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

January 2010

Happy New Year!

This month, Amanda finally started her long awaited ballet class. She LOVES it and is so excited to show off her new moves. When Aleck picked her up from school after her first class, she was showing Stacey how to curtsy and do a plie before even getting through the door. She loves to dress up in her leotard, tights, and ballet slippers almost as much as she loves learning how to dance. She did little else this month than flail around the house and inform us that she is performing ballet moves.

Robin's favorite activity now is blowing raspberries (video is 7 seconds). Her shirt is constantly soaking wet from all of her spit. It's lovely. She also continues to be in love with her own feet. She sits well, but is often distracted by her feet, bends over to put them in her mouth, and then topples over. Not only has Robin perfected rolling over (from her back to her belly, anyway) and sitting up, she has also started some rudimentary crawling. She often gets up on all fours and winds up scooting backwards and in a circle, but late in the month, she actually started moving forward. It's not at all smooth and she can't get very far before tiring herself out, but she is working really hard on it.

Robin also started eating "solid" food this month. She doesn't dislike it, but is not overly excited about it, either. We suspect that as the food gets more tasty, she will get more interested. Amanda continues to remind her that when she's bigger, she can have the delectable bites that Amanda enjoys.

Amanda continues to be a fantastic big sister and Robin absolutely loves to watch her. Robin's whole face lights up when Amanda talks to her and Amanda is the one who can most easily elicit a laugh from Robin. Amanda delights in telling us what Robin wants, what she's asking for, and what she's trying to say.

Robin is 5 Months Old!

Time for a photo shoot!


"Ok, really? Enough already."

**Overheard this month**

Handing Robin a toy: "Here you go, babes."

Ballerina Fairy Princess Amanda

Creating quite a look with her tutu, fairy wings and princess crown.

Cupcake Sprinkle Time!

Followed closely by "Cupcake Eat Time," of course.


**Overheard this month**

Flipping through a cookbook: "MMmmmm. Bacon on a stick ice cream!"

Doing a Spelling Puzzle with Grammy


Maybe It's Best Not To Ask.

Amanda looked at this picture and said,
"What am I doing there? I know I'm dressed up, but it looks like my regular face. Except for one problem. The tag is sticking out."

Robin's First Food!

She had her first meal of rice cereal and bananas. She wasn't so keen on it at first.
After a few meals, though, she really began to enjoy eating.


"That was incredibly anticlimactic."

Amanda the "Ballet Girl"

Click on the picture in the middle for a video of Amanda performing her own ballet moves the day before her first class
(video is 32 seconds).

**Overheard this month**

“Milk gets your belly all milked up.”

Put Your Best Foot Forward


A favorite song in our house these days, to the tune of Jingle Bells:
Robin's feet, Robin's feet/ Robin loves her feet/ Mommy loves her Robin B./ and Robin loves her feet!

Why Don't They Feed Me Around Here?


Spider-manda and Baby Robin


Amanda is becoming very interested in her bike. Unfortunately, it's winter. We took advantage of a warmer day to spend time outside.


**Overheard this month**

“How did the dinosaurs get stinked? I think it was from the elephants’ tushies.”

East Coast Cousins Gather for Grammy's Birthday


Emma, Samantha, Robin, and Amanda.

Of course, Robin looks at the camera and smiles for the silly picture.

Is School Supposed To Be This Fun?


Not sure what this sparkly thing is, but she loves it. Along with the chef's hat. Dress up is awesome!

Pajama Day, Complete With Pancakes!


Who Am I?

Amanda's class did a project to tell their friends all about themselves.



Time to Experiment...


With paint and snow...

...and different foods!




Tree Hugger

Sometimes Amanda gets a push from her friends...


And other times, she's just puzzled!


Robin continues to develop rapidly


She's a pro at sitting up.

She's working really hard at crawling.
And has even begun jumping!
Daddy's Girls

**Overheard this month: Linguist**

Amanda will often make up a word and then tell you what it means in Spanish or Hebrew.

“Screw. That’s how you say ‘screw’ in English.”

Bouncy House!

On a day off from school, Amanda went to an inflatable play place. To say that she enjoyed it is an understatement.



A Who's Who Of The Johnson Family: Revealed

One of these is a picture of Robin and the other is Amanda. So... who's who?


Robin is on the left (at 5 months) and Amanda is on the right (7 months).
Aside from Amanda's red hair as a clue, it has been determined that Robin has a pointy chin while Amanda's is more squared.

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