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Amanda Rachel & Robin Beatrice
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm
Robin was born on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

July 2011

We had a hot, hot month with lots of sunshine and heat. And it was hot. We made it all the way to Ohio and back for a July 4th celebration. Despite Robin getting over a case of strep throat and walking pneumonia, they were both really great on the drive. We had Oma with us on the way up, and that was a big help. Amanda and her Barbies had many, many long conversations with each other and the rest of us. Robin got to sing a lot of songs. The kids happily and excitedly went to camp every day, and we began the countdown to Robin's birthday.

Amanda's reading skills greatly improved over this month, to the point where she can sit independently and read a book (she does not need to sound out each word and check with us to make sure she's right). She is getting more and more excited about Kindergarten and we made a trip to the store for all of her school supplies.

Robin continued to grow and change at a rapid pace. Her verbal skills are growing by leaps and bounds and she has become so much more aware of her world. She has begun to not only narrate what's going on in her life, but to also point out what is not. When telling us what is not happening, she says it in this incredulous tone, as if she can't believe we might have thought it to be true. "We're in Daddy's car. Not Mommy's car!" "This is Amanda's shoe. Not Daddy's shoe!" She also got her first friend, Gabby. She talks nonstop about Gabby and how much she loves her and wants her to come to her birthday party.

Robin is absolutely in love with her big sister (the feeling is mutual, in fact) and copies all of what she does. She seems to keep up with the big kids at camp, as well. She also is much more aware of her birthday than Amanda was at this age. For the last few weeks of July, Robin could talk of nothing else. We went to 3 birthday parties in the second half of the month and poor Robin kept expecting each one to be hers.


**Overheard this month: Amanda**

"One day can we jump out of an airplane with parachutes on? Robin will probably float."

Ohio or Bust!

A little strep throat on Robin's part couldn't stop us from our near-annual trek to Ohio for 4th of July.
Barb, Chris, Katie and Cameron were fantastic hosts, as always and we had a great time.

Our trip began with presents!


Amanda got a Hello Kitty hat, which proved to be popular with almost everyone else in the house.


Playgrounds and Swingsets and Popsicles, Oh My!

Robin arrived at the playground in style. Hello Kitty Gangsta Style, that is.


**Overheard this month: Amanda**

Asking for an Italian ice: "Can I have a Mexican ice?"


Click Here to see Robin finding a way to splash and make a mess (18 seconds).


Happy 4th of July!
Amanda and Katie model some of our patriotic fashions.
The kids at the parade. Robin loved the show (and the candy)!
Click Here to see Amanda grooving to the music during the parade (12 seconds).
Robin, Cameron, Amanda and Katie await the festivities (and are armed with bags to hold their sugary loot).
Bouncin' Around Ohio
Their Neighbor Has A Trampoline. Coolest Neighbor Ever.

Click Here to see the girls on the trampoline (23 seconds).

Happy Campers

Robin and Amanda are both loving camp this summer, and they very much love that they are there together. Amanda takes every opportunity to spend time with her sister there, even though they are supposed to stay with their own class. Amanda also says that whenever she sees Robin on the playground or during a free-play time, she runs over to give her a hug.



**Overheard this month: Robin**
Stacey:    "Robin, do you want it? Yes or no?"
Robin:    "Yes or no."
In addition to the regular camp goings on, there are several different special activities at camp:
Every Friday there is a Shabbat service for all of the campers together. While the kids must sit with their class, Amanda manages to place herself next to Robin each week.

On Silly Senses Day, the kids had a wacky day outside experimenting with several different tastes and textures.





A theater group came one week and helped the kids put on a play. Amanda got to be a princess.


And a petting zoo came right to camp!


The summer is also full of Dress Up days, too.

On Dress As Your Favorite Character day, Robin was Dora and Amanda was a Fairy Princess Ballerina.

Amanda's friend didn't have a costume, so she was nice enough to lend him her wings. He put them on and said he was "Green Batman."


Sports Day



**Overheard this month: Robin**

"I'm going to be a big girl!"

Inside Out and Backwards Day

Family Fun Night was Game Night complete with breakfast for dinner.

Summer Fun


Click Here for a video of the girls with popsicles (32 seconds).


**Overheard this month: Amanda**

When it was time to put the Jeep away, Amanda requested to drive it into its parking space
"I want to Jeep it into the garage."
Bread for the City Picnic
Unfortunately, the intense heat kept us indoors, but it was still fun.
Amanda the Director
Amanda has taken to arranging her dolls (and herself and her sister) in formation and then wanting to take a picture of it all.
Little Ladybugs
The girls got ladybug headbands at a birthday party. Here, they model them (and Robin models 2, even)

Yogurt Treat

Amanda had a brilliant idea to stir mini M&Ms into yogurt as an after dinner treat one night.


**Overheard this month: Robin- Birthday Planning**

"I have juice on my birthday? I have balloons on my birthday? I have Dora and Diego balloons on my birthday?

I have cake on my birthday? I have cake in my mouth on my birthday?"

A Visit from Charlie

Our friends Wes, Lea and Charlie came to visit. Merrie, Chris and Sean came along, too!



Charlie and Sean got 5 foot long skeleton books and were nice enough to let the girls measure themselves on it.

Click Here to hear Robin serenade you and Diego (21 seconds).

Madelyn's Birthday Party

We had a great time celebrating with Madelyn with lots of different (messy) activities.




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