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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm


This month, Amanda continued to marvel at the wonder that is her foot, and also discovered the joys of solid food. Stacey returned to work while Amanda was sent to day care (which she loves). Teething is still going on but there's no sight of a pearly white just yet. She is almost crawling and is sitting on her own very well. She also took another trip to California and finally met her cousin Matty. And in this, the month of gift-giving holidays, she discovered a taste for wrapping paper (literally). 

Baby's First Hanukkah... Baby's First Christmas
Equal Opportunity Model for Novelty Shirts



Early in the month, she could do baby push ups and scoot backwards (which was very frustrating since the toy she was reaching for was in front of her).


By the end of the month, she could get up on all fours and rock back and forth! (Yet, sadly, could still only move backwards.)



Amanda spent a night of Hanukkah with her cousins Samantha and Emma, and also opened presents at home






And then we went to California to celebrate Christmas with cousin Matty.
Matty (almost 3) was gracious enough share his old walker with Amanda during her visit. He was very excited to meet her in person and give her lots of kisses. He is also wearing his "I'm the Big Cousin" shirt for Amanda!


Uncle Piet and Aunt Stef couldn't make it in for Christmas this year. They just moved to Denver and were stranded at home because of the blizzard. But they did send a few gifts ahead of time. Here is Amanda modeling her new sweater and slippers.



Mmmmmmmm. Tasty wrapping paper.



TEAM OMA! (Est. 2006)



Matty just couldn't get enough of his cousin "Baby Amanda" (or his rocking chair)





Amanda also spent some quality time with Matty's parents, Aunt Cami and Uncle Menko





The absence of teeth did not stop her from eating her first "solid" foods

First up was plain rice cereal. It was not a big hit.


Once she got the hang of that, we moved on to bigger, better, and messier things like sweet potatoes.



These links are delicious. Want some?


Deb and Allen, Aleck's friends from his first year of college, came to town for a visit this month, too!


Seriously, these are so good. You gotta try them!



Six Months Already??


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