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Amanda Rachel
Amanda was born on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:16 pm

May 2009

What a fun month we had! The weather finally warmed up a bit and we got to go outside more, and even took a trip to the mega-huge, overwhelming playground with a group of friends. We saw lots of friends from near and far and started to get excited about Amanda's birthday next month.

Amanda also is getting more and more excited about the impending arrival of her sister, Baby Bam. She keeps asking if it's summer, since she knows Bam will come in the summer. She has one baby doll named Bam II, and now has begun renaming other dolls to some variation of Bam. One doll used to be named Baby Boo, and is now called Bam Boo.

Potty training is both a distant memory and a seemingly unreachable goal. Amanda currently has no interest at all. She says she'll make on potty when she's "bigger," which she defines as being 3. She's got one more month and then we'll see if she changes her story. However, when she starts camp next month, she'll be in Ms. Helen's class and word around the preschool is that "Ms. Helen could potty train a horse." We've heard those exact words from more than one person there.
Amanda's sure answer to that will be "Neigh."

Playtime with Grammy!


Grammy came to Tot Shabbat and then stayed to play!
Amanda took her to the playground and allowed Grammy to push her on her favorite thing- the swings.

**Overheard this month**


"What month is it?"


"It's May"



"No, it's Thursday!"

(It was Monday)               

Hangin' with her Boys

On this morning, we went to Sean's house to play, and met his friend Elizabeth

Later that day, we met up with Danny at Stacey's former coworker Sarah's house
(Jake was nice enough to spin them in the chair, which they all loved).


We took a long weekend trip to see our friends Barb, Chris, Katie and Cameron in Ohio.
Amanda was quite taken with their swingset in the backyard.

**Overheard this month**

"Katie's a nice guy."

Hannah Came To Play!

Hannah, who is also about to become a big sister, practiced with Baby Bam II

Big hugs for big friends

Baby's First Shiner

AKA: "You should see the other guy"
(The other guy being Stacey's nightstand.)


Of course she cried when it first happened, but we were surprised at the lack of drama that accompanied this. After the initial incident, she didn't mention it again, not even during a bath or sunblock application.

Super Fun Trip to the Playground With Friends


Left to Right: Faren, Ethan Carly, Amanda


Amanda and Faren played together on the see saws- traditional and giant 4-person one.




We also took 2 rides on the carousel! Amanda was so excited to see herself in the mirror when her horse was up.

Future Biker Chick


**Overheard this month**

"Naked Baba Trees!"

(Don't ask-- we really don't know.)

Our Forgotten Dog-ger

Here's Amanda the Elephant, Cow, and Dora sitting on the couch.
But look a little closer, and you'll find Luna taking refuge behind them.

And here poor Luna is straddling the two couches after Amanda dumped her plastic food
all over the spot where Luna had been sitting.

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